What if you could maximize quality in your manufacturing process by increasing the precision control of your hydraulic power unit? HPUs are critical machines for ensuring consistent product quality. While critical failures of equipment during production can cause obvious delays, deterioration in oil quality over time can be monitored by implementing sensors with IO-Link technology in order to receive a fully digital signal. This allows you to catch changes in your process data that would lead to a reduction in product quality without intervention. In this Machine Insights video, we explore a wide range of ifm solutions for digitally controlled HPUs. Increase the accuracy of your sensor data by eliminating the need for multiple analog conversions when you switch to an IO-Link digital signal and leverage it to send digital outputs back to control valves for precise closed loop control of critical HPU parameters. From plug and play vibration monitoring solutions to oil leak, pressure and temperature monitoring, ifm provides a range of solutions to ensure your HPU always helps to produce high quality products that meet your production needs. Visit the ifm site to explore a 3D model HPU with interactive points to learn more about comprehensive solutions that allow you to gain better process control during production.