What if your centrifugal pumps could alert you when they needed to be serviced before they went down unexpectedly? While ifm has provided advanced vibration monitoring solutions for decades, implementation required advanced programming knowledge by the user to configure and deploy these solutions on their machines. To make vibration monitoring more accessible, ifm launched the new VV series of vibration monitoring sensors to bring you the complexity of advanced monitoring with the ease of a plug and play solution. Preformatted settings allow you to monitor the four most common types of machine failures due to damaging impacts, component fatigue, excessive friction and excessive temperatures without any previous programming knowledge or required subscription fees. Simply select the VV part number based on the size of your machine (horsepower) and rotational speed, and it will come preconfigured with the critical alarm setpoints specific to your motor size to alert you before a critical failure occurs. These preformatted measurements can effectively monitor many machines, including electric motors and centrifugal fans, pumps and power transmissions.

Embedded IO-Link technology provides a fully digital signal and communicates your machine data directly to your SCADA, MES, ERP or CMMS systems without interfering with your PLC controls. Using higher level software analysis, you can trend machine data over time, giving you valuable insight into the long-term health of your equipment. Because you can choose to send the data to your PLC or bypass it for separate analysis, it is easy to integrate the VV series with existing machines and network systems. The VV series provides an accessible and adaptable solution for real-time machine health monitoring, as well as long term machine condition analysis. With additional data to guide you, you can move away from relying on a time-based maintenance schedule, and instead schedule your required maintenance for convenient times that fit your production schedule without worrying that a failure will occur during valuable production time.