This holiday season, ecommerce pushed the limits of logistics and demand is only poised to continue to grow. If you are looking to optimize your facility, ifm vibration monitoring solutions can help you keep your lines running at full capacity during peak times by monitoring the machine health of your crossbelt sorters in real-time. The VSE Edge Controller from ifm allows you to use the power of edge computing to react within a millisecond to potential crashes, in order to minimize cascading effects. The flexibility and edge compute capabilities of the VSE allows you to dial into key machine frequencies and scenarios with precision for more accurate and timely analysis.

By trending your machine data over time, you can monitor the wear on your machines and receive alerts about potential upcoming issues before a critical failure occurs. By receiving advanced warnings, you can schedule maintenance during your planned downtime when it fits your production schedule. Edge controllers integrate into existing networks in a variety of ways. Once configured, easily connect their switching outputs to PLC inputs, stack lights or any other switching or analog control system. The VSE system is also fully compatible with Industrial and PC-based Ethernet networks such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus and TCP/IP. Learn more about Industry 4.0 concepts like ifm's advanced vibration monitoring solutions on the Real-Time Maintenance part of our site.