What if you could lower your annual energy spending without significant capital investment? ifm compressed air solutions allow you to quickly identify leaks in your compressed air systems and trend data over time.

Compressed air is not free. Oftentimes, leaks in compressed air systems go unnoticed, causing thousands of dollars in wasted spend every year on electricity costs. Leaks usually occur at joints, connection points and through non-operating equipment. They can cause a drop in system pressure which affects tool efficiency, equipment life, and increased compressor demand. A study conducted by the US Department of Energy found that 80% of compressor upgrade recommendations do not require investment in new compressors, and instead are addressed through low cost system upgrades and an effective leak monitoring and repair program.

By pairing IO-Link technology with an in-line flow sensor, you can continuously monitor flow rate, volume, pressure, and temperature of your compressed air systems. That embedded IO-Link connection helps you to establish a baseline rate of use, and then receive immediate alerts if conditions were to change. Simply mount at zone, production line, or machine drops to quickly identify leakage and consumption values. The integrated pressure measurement assures actuators are operating at maximum efficiency and eliminates the need for a separate instrument. Receiving alerts in real time allows you to quickly deploy maintenance to the correct location and stop leaks before it causes a spike in energy expenditure. By implementing a compressed air monitoring solution, you can easily adopt a predictive maintenance strategy to reduce energy expenditure by avoiding leaks in your system.

Explore how to setup baseline measurements for trending and analytics.