The new display controller from ifm offers an efficient solution to eliminating the need for costly control cabinets. The IP67 all-in-one display controller runs on the latest 64 bit CODESYS V3.5 and is the fastest PLC on the market. The integrated multitouch display provides an iPad experience.

Using IO-link, smart sensors and ifm's pre-built libraries and function blocks, you can be up and running with your control system in minutes. Numerous support videos are always accessible on the ifm website to help guide you through any questions you may have. IOT, cloud connectivity and plant floor OPC UA communication is built into the controller. Receive machine data in real-time so you can quickly access the health and history of your connected machines. Connect IO-Link hubs with smart sensors from ifm for efficient process control at the point of production, while also quickly sending machine data to your analytical software systems in the cloud.

Some common applications include more efficient HPU machine control, recipe management in breweries, more accessible bottle filler machine controls, dock door tracing accuracy and higher depalletizing robot throughput. OEM pricing is available; just call 800-441-8246 to speak with an engineer or explore the Industrial Controls ifm site to learn more about this technology and applications.