Electric motors are everywhere. In fact, they're are so ubiquitous that they often go overlooked and underappreciated.

Every product made needs an electric motor at some point, be it in the manufacturing process or in the bill of materials.

They are also the basis for fluid movement. Fans and blowers move air and gas with the proven dependability and safety of electric motors. And many types of pumps leverage them for convenient, permanent and temporary fluid transfer applications, be it water or chemical.

The electric motor's role in motion control and material handling cannot be understated. Servos and stepper motors offer precision motion control. When coupled with a transmission or other motion controllers, electric motors power conveyors and robots and hoists and actuators and so, so much more.

Finally, they are increasingly critical in the world's transition to renewable, electric energy sources.

So how do we shine a spotlight on one of engineering's most integral technologies?

We throw a week-long party for it with rich editorial content.

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