A new phenomenon of problem gamblers asking to be banned from their local casinos is being made possible thanks to facial recognition technology.

In select locations around the world, from Australia to Japan, casinos are turning to facial recognition technology to enforce such self-imposed bans. To enact such bans, problem gamblers can typically fill out a form and have the casinos take their photos. Once submitted, that information is held in a casino’s facial recognition system and casino staff and security are instructed to keep an eye out for the problem gambler. Once captured by the system, the problem gambler can either be escorted out of the casino or, in extreme instances, the problem gambler can be arrested for trespassing.

Recently in one Australian casino, facial recognition technology reportedly managed to successfully capture a problem gambler twice attempting to evade that casino's facial recognition technology system by using a disguise.

Facial recognition technology is not generally noted as presenting a creative solution to an existing problem such as problem gambling. The technology has instead been making headlines for its reported inaccuracies and biases.

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