Process Equipment


  • Video: Heat battery to reduce fossil fuel reliance and emissions

    Fossil fuel-generated heat can be replaced with a simple standalone thermal energy storage that transforms surplus electricity from solar or wind farms into heat.

  • System helps solar panels keep their cool

    An underground, single-phase, closed-loop heat exchanger circuit acts as a natural heat sink and prevents overheating of photovoltaic components.

  • Innovative district heating system design verified

    The low-pressure steam supply version of Holtec’s Green Boiler is engineered to deliver a carbon-free district heating solution that reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Study imagines second life for inactive oil and gas wells

    One such use case could potentially see abandoned wells used to heat nearby greenhouses with geothermal energy in food scarce parts of the world.

  • Database tracks growth in US oil and gas projects

    The database and interactive map document oil, gas and petrochemical infrastructure developments in the U.S.

  • Fixed-film treatment process simplifies sludge management for small flow industrial wastewater applications

    Biological treatment systems are scaled-down versions of the activated sludge process.

  • Conduits as sources of hydropower

    The extensive network of pipelines, canals and other types of water conduits crisscrossing the U.S. offers opportunity to expand hydropower generating capacity.

  • Submersible solar pump designed for smallholder farmers

    The Solar Magnetic Plunger Pump (SMPP) is a patented, double action plunger pump driven by a built-in linear motor. With its clean sheet design, the SMPP reportedly demonstrates two to three times improved cost performance metrics for photovoltaic power, flow and head.

  • Video: Vortex fluidic device drives dye degradation

    The device was recently demonstrated to prepare composite materials and coat them for dye degradation during wastewater treatment.

  • Lee vent valve demonstration: Restore system performance

    Vent valves release trapped air in hydraulic systems to eliminate wasted energy and restore performance.

  • Video: Heating the first Hanford radwaste melter

    The first of two 300-ton melters that will vitrify mixed low-level radioactive and chemical tank waste is heating up at the Hanford Site in Washington.

  • WEG reveals new line of motors for high-thrust vertical applications

    Thanks to the simple and robust oil bath lubrication system, the non-drive-end bearings maintain optimized heat dissipation performance and low bearing temperatures even under challenging service conditions.

  • WEG reveals CFW900 variable speed drive — A complete control solution

    Due to its unique technology, the CFW900 VSD provides energy savings, enhanced safety, increased productivity and quality in the process network.

  • Pick Steam Injection Heaters — dependable and precise process heating solutions

    If you’re struggling to generate hot water, consider switching to a Pick Steam Injection Heater.

  • New cables promise to increase safety, operational lifetime in the oil and gas market

    The RADOX OFL cable portfolio enables the offshore industry to reduce cable weight on a platform by up to 50%, thereby potentially saving offshore facilities thousands in structural construction costs.

  • Video: Coval announces enhanced range of multi-stage vacuum pumps for heavy duty suction applications

    The pumps offer a robust and powerful solution for applications requiring a high suction flow rate for the vacuum handling of a wide variety of objects.

  • Cosasco's SafeGuard service valve for enhanced safety

    The SafeGuard service valve is constructed with NACE-compliant 4130 or Duplex Stainless Steel to provide maximum reliability and strength, and thanks to its innovative design, is extremely lightweight.

  • Perfect timing: The nuances of timing components

    There are a lot of components that go into making a car run smoothly and efficiently. However, one of the most important, but often overlooked, is the timing.

  • Pumped heat energy storage designed to bolster grid stability

    This long-duration, large-scale energy storage technology is engineered to help balance energy volatility and reliability issues associated with solar and wind energy facilities.

  • Energy Earthshot to cool industrial heating emissions

    The Industrial Heat Shot program will help decarbonize the U.S. energy sector and reach the national policy target of a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

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