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Life Sciences


  • Bioactives and nanotech are saving patients from serious infections

    Over time, advancements in material science and nanotechnology have created more sophisticated and effective antimicrobial coatings — such as these.

  • Advanced wound care technologies drive patient healing in new ways

    These innovative materials solutions are designed to create an optimal healing environment, manage exudate, reduce infection risks and enhance patient comfort.

  • Delivering drugs to targeted areas with textile fibers

    With the goal of local delivery in mind, thereby avoiding the complicated variety of current drug delivery solutions wherein the drug travels through the bloodstream, thus accounting for high dosages, the new approach attempts to avoid unwanted side effects due to high dosage levels.

  • Medical metals: Examining metallic materials in implants

    Biomedical implants must meet stringent requirements issued by the Food and Drug Administration. As a result, these metallic materials are often the preferred choice for non-cosmetic implants.

  • Algae-derived robots promise to treat IBD without drugs

    Researchers have injected a microrobot inside a liquid pill in a bid to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) without the need for drugs with potentially troubling side effects.

  • The first Neuralink brain implant signals a new phase for human-computer interaction

    This development is more than just a technical milestone; it raises important questions about the integration of advanced technology with the human body and mind.

  • The exoskeleton revolution

    Follow along with GlobalSpec as we look back at the seemingly endless variety of exoskeletons currently in various stages of development.

  • Living bioelectronic patch designed to treat psoriasis

    The device is a combination of advanced electronics, living cells and hydrogel, which together form the so-called “living bioelectronic” patch.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces innovative mass spectrometer to advance clinical research

    The new mass spectrometer combines speed and sensitivity to advance precision medicine.

  • Air curtain kills viruses, blocks 99.8% of aerosols

    According to startup Taza Aya, the technology promises to protect workers in industries where respiratory disease transmission is a concern.

  • Medical Design Innovations (July 14-20)

    Transformative technologies where medicine and engineering meet are ushering in an era where it feels like anything is possible.

  • Taking the sting out of healthcare

    Follow along with GlobalSpec as we review some of the technologies designed to take the sting out of healthcare.

  • A device that reduces cancer hospitalizations by 50%

    Leuko Labs, a spin-off of MIT, developed the technology as an alternative for current methods that rely on drawing blood to monitor white blood cell counts.

  • Array-based solution for extended blood type research and safer transfusions

    A new throughput solution and attendant software are engineered to bolster precise blood genotyping in clinical research.

  • New ingestible smart pill offers real-time gut health monitoring

    According to the researchers, the system enables users to monitor their gastrointestinal (GI) tract health at home via their smartphones.

  • Revolutionize sample preparation for biological samples

    Utilizing short-time centrifugation for solid-phase extraction, an entire sample treatment process can be completed within 10 minutes.

  • Robotics: The next evolution in the operating room

    Drive systems and high-speed DC-micromotors from FAULHABER are enabling safe and precise robotic-assisted surgeries.

  • Wearable robot promises to reduce shoulder strain during industrial tasks

    The wearable robot, which is worn like a shirt and features a portable power unit, assists only when needed and turns off when not in use, thereby reducing the effort required by the wearer to lower their arms.

  • Sticky fruit strips promise to improve the quality of dental X-rays

    The team reported that the radiographers took high-quality X-rays in 75% of the cases where patients used a sticky fruit strip as an adhesive to correctly place the tongue during imaging.

  • Team develops sweat-based health monitoring device

    The team developed a new device that, unlike other similar devices, does not require physical activity to encourage sweating but instead delivers drugs through the skin to stimulate sweat glands.

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