Life Sciences


  • Insole sensors may detect Parkinson's disease

    Foot pressure sensors monitor for gait characteristics that could signal Parkinson’s disease.

  • "Nanoworm"-infused coating kills COVID-19, the flu

    New coating employs 'nanoworms' to kill COVID-19.

  • Device promises to expedite COVID-19 test results

    The electronic device is being developed by engineers at Auburn University.

  • Frog foam shows drug delivery promise

    Researchers propose using frog foam as an antiseptic delivery system.

  • Surface disinfectant proves effective for 7 days against 7 viruses

    Coating inactivates the COVID-19 virus and six others so far.

  • Electron beam technology treats medical wastewater in China

    The technology is more effective than conventional treatment methods at removing organic molecules such as viruses and antibiotics.

  • Nanoscience Instruments debuts its Axia ChemiSEM

    Nanoscience Instruments introduces the Axia ChemiSEM, a cost-effective, floor-model scanning electron microscope designed for instant elemental mapping.

  • Study examines the efficacy of 3D data acquisition for human bone replication

    The study will evaluate the metric accuracy of 3D models generated using three different 3D acquisition techniques for performing metric analytical procedures.

  • Automated data acquisition software for single-particle cryo-electron microscopy

    Single-particle analysis demands a suitable software package for high-throughput automatic data acquisition.

  • Team uses data mining to identify COVID-19 symptoms, fight misinformation

    UC Riverside team uses data mining tools to combat COVID-19 misinformation and identify symptoms.

  • Team to monitor babies in the NICU with facial recognition tech

    UniSA researchers are using facial recognition tech to monitor premature babies.

  • Turning sunflower pollen into 3D bioprinting ink

    Bioprinting ink derived from sunflower pollen could be used in the making of tissue scaffolds.

  • Video: Awakening Health introduces its robot nurse Grace

    Robot socializes, takes vital signs

  • Dissolvable microneedle patch designed to beat baldness

    The patch tackles the oxidative stress and insufficient circulation conditions responsible for androgenic alopecia.

  • The Post-COVID-19 hospital: Part 2

    Part 2 discusses remote monitoring, masks and telehealth.

  • New wound-dressing film promises to heal

    The biocompatible film heals and protects wounds.

  • Barnacles inspire blood-repelling tissue glue for sealing wounds

    The adhesive, which mimics barnacles, offers an improved method for treating traumatic injuries.

  • Team to sterilize ambulances using microwaves

    The antennas featured in the system enabled the researchers to focus and direct microwave radiation onto particularly high-traffic surfaces.

  • Coating promises to reduce implant rejection

    The coating has already lowered the incidence of rejection in lab mice.

  • Coating developed for endotracheal tubes

    Coating may prevent upper airway bacterial inflammation during intubation.

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