• GEMÜ introduces new electrically operated solenoid valve J70 for precise dosing

    The GEMÜ J70 electrically operated solenoid valve enables precise dosing and is especially suited to applications characterized by low flow rates such as those in analysis, vacuum and dosing technology.

  • New ZEDOX HEXO high-performance butterfly valve from ARI with innovative honeycomb disc design

    The ZEDOX (double shift of the pivot point) reduces the angle of the disc when it contacts the seat sealing ring and relieves that metallic sealing when opening.

  • "RobotLawyer" to make its courtroom debut

    To defend its client, the RobotLawyer, which was trained on data from past cases, will offer defendants a means to fight his or her case using a smartphone app that supplies appropriate responses for contesting a speeding ticket.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces the new SmartVane rotary vane pump for mass spectrometry

    This new SmartVane vacuum pump is designed with no shaft seals, eliminating the number one source of oil leaks, therefore preventing any contamination.

  • New sealing tech for Kice's VJOT-series of rotary airlocks

    Rotary airlocks are critical to pneumatic conveyance systems because they control the flow of bulk material. Kice has released these new mechanical seals to provide added protection against breakage, contamination and leakage, even in extreme dry-running conditions.

  • World's first wireless pneumatic home elevator makes its debut

    Because the technology uses only air to function, it does not require any oil or lubrication. Series 3 is also the only elevator technology in the world that does not require any battery backup or temporary power supply in the event of power failure.

  • New hydraulic excavator introduced by Caterpillar

    The new Cat 340 hydraulic excavator from Caterpillar features a more powerful engine, wider track and 7.5 ton counterweight to increase productivity by 10% over the 2020 model year Cat 336.

  • A virtual short course on offshore wind energy

    The two online interactive four-hour sessions are designed for professional non-engineers and engineers alike.

  • Video: Welding simulation solution for classroom training

    The AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System is a highly realistic multi-process welding simulation solution for classroom training.

  • PFAS risk communication toolkits for water utilities

    The toolkits provide information on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) for both public education and sampling guidance.

  • Data acquisition ecosystem launched by Hottinger Brüel & Kjær

    The HBK FUSION DAQ hardware provides all-round measurement for developing, qualifying and certifying new products.

  • Basic types of antennas

    The truth is that every antenna is a compromise of some sort. Part of the fun with antenna design is constantly tweaking antennas to boost their performance for a specific application.

  • ePropelled launches new energy-efficient electric pump motors for domestic and industrial applications

    The new sustainability motors include the SM1650 and SM3000 Pool Series designed to be used with pools, spas and industrial applications.

  • Fundamentals of antennas

    What makes a good antenna? A good antenna only sends energy in the directions where there might be a receiving station, perhaps with some electrical advantages to boost both the transmitted and receiving signals through amplification.

  • Extech introduces its new temperature and humidity data logger

    A follow-up to the 42280 series, the new 42280A features the same triple LCD display that shows the temperature, humidity and date/time clock simultaneously.

  • Video: Air-to-water heat pump for cold climates

    This inverter-driven cold climate air-to-water heat pump provides hydronic heating, cooling and domestic hot water without the use of fossil fuels.

  • Ebara Pumps launches new in-line centrifugal pump model

    The new 3E series in-line close-coupled centrifugal pumps from Ebara have been designed for superior performance and energy savings.

  • Smart meat thermometer returns readings with "lightning" speed

    The smart meat thermometer can return temperature readings in just one second — reportedly the fastest response time on the market — and with pinpoint accuracy using a built-in thermocouple probe.

  • The new Dominator Eco from Crane delivers accurate and cost-effective flow control in a compact, sustainable package

    Featuring accurate flow control, flow measurement capability, and the ability to perform system, forward and back flushing, the Dominator Eco is a lightweight, single-package solution for modern building services applications.

  • Flexible shipping label pulls double duty as temperature logger

    The so-called Tive Tag has been designed as a solution for warehouse operations, first and last mile deliveries, and the transportation of goods.

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