• Presenting the E2H-ESD electro-hydraulic actuator for emergency shutdown valves

    A wide range of temperature ratings makes the E2H-ESD series actuators suitable for use in diverse applications under different temperature conditions.

  • Study: Who are the EV consumers?

    A survey examined consumer motivators in terms of specific statements regarding electric vehicle (EV) ownership.

  • Water Council's water stewardship program, WAVE kicks off with Sloan

    WAVE was developed to improve the enterprise-level water stewardship performance and public reporting, and to provide companies with independent verification of their progress.

  • Companies to create marking tech for plastic products

    The SmartMarker will enable manufacturers to authenticate, identify and sort products using a distinctive identifier composed of small, invisible marker particles incorporated into the product.

  • The future of at-home 3D printing

    See what companies are innovating to make 3D printing daily necessities a new and exciting reality.

  • Automating solar lights with Arduino

    Upgrade your outdoor lighting with this DIY project so the fun doesn't end when the sun goes down.

  • Creative DIY projects for old gaming consoles

    Old game consoles can serve as the canvas for a variety of DIY electronics builds.

  • Battery systems and the need for their optimization

    Explore different battery-based energy storage technologies and opportunities for their optimization.

  • Robotic system promises to automate laundry

    The robot platform has been trained to autonomously put items in and pick them up from the washing machine following the completion of a washing cycle.

  • IMC WAVE 2022 analyzes sound, vibration according to standards

    IMC Test & Measurement has introduced its IMC WAVE 2022 — software for standard-compliant noise and vibration analysis with IMC data acquisition systems.

  • Video: New H-FLO series eccentric disc pumps for hygienic applications requiring high flow rates

    The H-FLO series also features an all-stainless-steel construction and fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance and downtime.

  • UCF awarded DOE grant for pre-packaged heating and cooling system to reduce energy use in older homes

    The pod system is expected to reduce energy use by 50% to 75% and is less disruptive to install relative to other upgrade solution.

  • Twitter and Pinterest co-founders back Swedish startup Chroma

    Chroma Studios is aiming to be a platform for a unique, sound-driven experience that is drawing on the creativity of artists.

  • GEFA double offset butterfly valve for cryogenic applications

    The valve is designed with a spherical sealing surface on the disc which allows switching with minimum wear and offers the highest level of tightness and low torques simultaneously.

  • The Warman WBH centrifugal slurry pump for high performance plus energy savings

    With the patented Wear Reduction Technology (WRT) integrated into the Warman WBH pump, handling of even the most difficult slurries is enhanced.

  • Enhanced safety and reliability with Emerson’s new ASCO series angle seat valves

    The series 290D has been specially designed with a highly reliable fluid control mechanism that delivers extremely safe shutdown.

  • Sonos is about to introduce its own voice assistant

    The audio tech giant will roll out its most important update to date on June 1.

  • AWWA kicks off Drinking Water Week by celebrating tap water being “There When You Need It”

    Learn more about the importance of water services and water infrastructure, especially in times of crisis.

  • Vacuum ejector: Understanding its working principle and some design parameters

    The design process of vacuum ejectors is iterative, requiring a lot of design modifications for best performance. Engineers are advised to set some design specifications during the early design stage, for example, the flow rate, pressure and temperature values of the motive gas.

  • Video: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by laser engraving wine tumblers

    Read on and watch the video to learn more about this wine tumbler engraving project for any festive event.

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