• Severn unveils revolutionary butterfly control technology with the OCT triple offset butterfly valve

    This valve stands out for its precise engineering and superior performance, setting a higher standard for reliability, durability and efficiency.

  • Sustainable future: Empowering tomorrow with smart energy management

    Unleash creativity with 3D printing! Design freedom, rapid prototyping, cost-effectiveness, sustainability — redefine innovation today!

  • W8 vacuum excavator for tight jobsites launched by Ditch Witch

    The company explained that although the W8 is slightly smaller than the previously released W12 hydrovac, the W8 still maintains the same performance.

  • Study claims ChatGPT writes better school essays than students

    Researchers compared text produced by artificial intelligence (AI)-based language models — specifically ChatGPT 4 and its predecessor ChatGPT 3 — to essays written by secondary school students.

  • SECO scores design win of over €50M for coffee machine digitalization

    The venture will explore the digitalization opportunities presented by the use of the artificial intelligence for the future generations of machines, aiming to launch new high-value-added services in the coffee sector.

  • These are the 15 top X accounts engineers should be following

    Engineers can gain plenty of knowledge from X (the social media network formerly known as Twitter). Check out these 15 X accounts any engineer will love!

  • Two specialized material handlers introduced by Serco

    The Serco 8500-SR32 and 8500-SR34 series loaders have been engineered to meet the demands of the cleanup industry. These loaders are designed to streamline operations and improve productivity while maintaining quality, durability and safety.

  • Hand gesture recognition technologies for healthcare and security

    Hand gesture recognition technologies have the potential to enhance the naturalness and intuitiveness of human-computer interactions.

  • Parker Hannifin introduces the NX8xHM motor range for low-voltage electro-hydraulic pumps

    The new permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor is an ideal choice for electro-hydraulic pumps used by 48 V DC construction vehicles, such as mini excavators.

  • Device-based firewall profile added to CIP Security to further protect Ethernet/IP networks

    ODVA has announced that Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Security, the cybersecurity network extension for EtherNet/IP, has added a new device-based firewall for enhanced intrusion deterrence.

  • Lubrizol launches Carbopol polymers for nutraceuticals with new EU food grade approval

    The use of Carbopol as an additive for liquid and solid food supplements in the EU has been approved.

  • US Boiler Company introduces the Ambient Electric Boiler

    The ultra-compact, wall-hung boiler is designed for residential customers looking to modernize and electrify their hydronic heating systems.

  • Firm applies multi-level simulation to digital twin modeling

    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. has applied multi-level simulation to digital twin modeling and explored the application of multilevel simulation digital twin modeling technology.

  • Hardware-accelerated oscilloscope with automated analysis tools introduced by Keysight

    Keysight’s Infiniium MXR B-Series gives engineers built-in, automated debug tools such as zone triggering, fault detection, real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) and a 50 MHz waveform generator.

  • This AI noise-canceling headphone technology lets wearers selectively listen to their surroundings

    The system, dubbed "semantic hearing," reportedly lets headphones stream audio to a connected smartphone that eliminates select environmental sounds.

  • Siglent increased frequency range of its RF signal generators to 40 GHz

    According to the company, the SSG6000A has a broad frequency range of 100 kHz to 40 GHz, even at high output power levels.

  • Georgia Tech's innovative military heat pump: Revolutionizing climate control

    The project aims to create a highly efficient absorption heat pump that will serve as both an air conditioner and heater within a single unit.

  • Researchers create tool to detect AI-generated scientific essays

    The researchers looked at scientific journals, specifically those focused on the subject of chemistry, to develop their AI text detector.

  • Cortec launches new NX1 choke design with remote operation

    The NX1 choke boasts a compact 2 inch, 1502 choke layout. Its primary function is to control pressure and flow rates for drilling applications through remote operations, making it a vital component for efficient drilling processes.

  • Study finds that STEM career days increase high school students’ career aspirations in STEM fields

    The study found there are benefits to be had when college recruiters introduce high school students to STEM-related opportunities, including helping to increase and diversify the STEM workforce in the U.S.

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