• Video: SABIC, Microsoft collaborate to create Microsoft’s first product made with recycled ocean plastic

    The exterior shell of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse contains 20% recycled ocean plastic.

  • Clubhouse launches spatial audio for a more immersive experience for members

    Offering directional sound that more closely replicates real-world experiences, the solution opens up a new soundscape of opportunities.

  • How do hybrid work arrangements affect audio interactions?

    Regardless of the challenges that come with either remote work and in-office work, audio communication technology could use some improvement.

  • Study: Environmental impacts of bottled vs tap water

    Which choice of potable water incurs the greatest health and environmental impacts – bottled water or municipal supply?

  • Bürkert Fluid Control Systems debuts new line of seat valves

    Bürkert introduces its new line of seat valves.

  • Ross Controls introduces its M35 series double valves for external monitoring

    The M35 series valve is designed to supply air to a zone or entire machine/system until signaled to shut off and exhaust residual downstream pneumatic energy from the machine.

  • Bonomi introduces its explosion-proof automated V-ball valve packages

    The Bonomi Group has introduced what it claims is the industry’s first explosion-proof electric-actuated stainless-steel two-piece V-ball packages.

  • WAM’s VW butterfly valve for efficient and reliable flow interception

    The VW is suitable in bulk solids processing plants for the interception of pneumatically conveyed, or gravity-fed dry powders or granules.

  • Video: The Cavex 2 hydrocyclone from Weir offers greater capacity and enhanced performance

    The unique original design of the Cavex with its 360° laminar spiral inlet geometry was specially developed to precisely guide slurry into the feed chamber, resulting in a significant reduction in turbulence.

  • Spectral Instruments Imaging introduces its Aura 4.0 software

    Spectral Instruments Imaging introduces its Aura 4.0 software for in vivo imaging data acquisition with maximum sensitivity.

  • The new Lowara Smart Pump range offers power, smarts and performance

    The new Smart Pump range by Lowara (a Xylem brand) features permanent magnet motors with embedded drive and high-efficiency hydraulics.

  • Lorentz PS2-100: The small solar water pump offering flexibility and high performance

    Lorentz has introduced the latest addition to its range of solar powered pumps.

  • Watson Marlow introduces first pump using Conveying Wave Technology

    Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group recently launched the latest addition to its prominent Qdos chemical metering pump range.

  • Griswold introduces its first self-priming centrifugal pump series

    Griswold, has revealed the latest addition to its range of chemical process centrifugal pumps — the 811SP series.

  • Saveco adds new vertical chopper pump to its CHIOR range

    Saveco has launched the VPH – a vertical chopper pump from its CHIOR pump range.

  • LED device detects lethal gases, rotting food

    Device could improve safety of consumers, firefighters, miners and military personnel.

  • Power supply ideal for home healthcare applications

    The external supplies provide a compact solution for a variety of medical and dental applications.

  • PFAS reports included in preliminary data for 2020 US Toxics Release Inventory

    Preliminary Toxics Release Inventory data issued for 2020 include the first-ever reporting of PFAS releases.

  • The new all-plastic Butterfly Valve 565 — Challenging metal valves in every aspect

    GF Piping Systems recently revealed the latest addition to its valve portfolio, the new all-plastic Butterfly Valve 565.

  • The new Type 8028 sliding gate control valve from Schubert & Salzer with integrated positioner

    The new Type 8028 pneumatic sliding gate control valve is ideal for compact plant installations for a range of applications.

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