Aerospace and Defense


  • Multi-legged counter-terrorism robot in development

    The multi-legged, walking defense robot will reportedly feature an unmanned weapons system and advanced autonomous technology.

  • Sig Sauer producing next-gen squad weapon for US Army

    The new weaponry — the XM5 rifle and XM250 automatic rifle — will built around the 6.8 mm Common Cartridge Family of Ammunition.

  • Testing solar cells for service in space

    Guidelines have been devised to test the radiation-tolerating properties of perovskites intended for use in space.

  • Global Plastic Watch tool monitors plastic pollution from space using AI

    The so-called “Global Plastic Watch” tool employs both satellite data technology and machine learning to devise a near-real-time, high-resolution map of plastic pollution.

  • Video: First image of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way

    Known as Sagittarius A* or Sgr A*, the black hole lies some 27,000 light-years away from Earth.

  • Nuclear rocket under development for cislunar space propulsion

    A novel nuclear thermal propulsion system will be demonstrated above low Earth orbit by 2026.

  • Watch this drone swarm fly through dense forest

    The drones were outfitted with feature depth cameras, altitude sensors, onboard computers and algorithms that enable collision avoidance, flight efficiency and coordination within the swarm.

  • Help decipher images from ESA’s Rosetta mission

    Access the free online Rosetta Zoo and join the astronomy community in spotting differences between image pairs.

  • Mercury introduces new RFS1140 system-in-package (SiP)

    Most silicon for embedded computing defense applications is designed by domestic chip makers but fabricated in overseas foundries, which represents a vulnerability in the microelectronics supply chain.

  • Program seeks technologies that identify authors via linguistic fingerprints

    The aim of the Human Interpretable Attribution of Text using Underlying Structure (HIATUS) program is to create explainable linguistic fingerprints that can be attributed to specific authors, thereby protecting an author’s privacy.

  • Video: Boeing introduces its Ghost Bat drone

    Watch as Boeing's Ghost Bat drone, so named for the Australian mammal known to travel in packs, detecting and hunting prey, takes flight.

  • THK industry spotlight: Aerospace

    Advancing technology further than ever before. Going higher and then beyond.

  • Watch the final qualification test of the Orion spacecraft abort motor

    The 17 ft tall abort motor is designed to increase astronaut safety on the pad and through initial ascent.

  • Video: James Webb Telescope now in focus

    The alignment of the telescope across all of Webb’s instruments can be seen in a series of images that captures the observatory’s full field of view.

  • Clean energy in aerospace

    Boeing and Airbus both say that by 2030 their commercial aircraft will be able to fly on 100% sustainable fuels.

  • Making the best technology choice for reliable power and signal transmission across a defined angle rotation interface

    Military and civilian aerospace products feature highly sophisticated electronic systems that are completely reliant on the robust transmission of electrical power and signals.

  • Watch a solar eclipse from Mars

    The 40-second solar eclipse was documented by Perseverance rover's next-generation Mastcam-Z camera.

  • Space weather forecasting with mobile phones? There’s an app for that

    Download the app to participate in this citizen science campaign, which runs until the end of July 2022.

  • Algorithm identifies individuals via heartbeat

    To develop the identification algorithm, researchers used electrocardiograms (ECG) to analyze five musical qualities — dynamics, rhythm, timbre, pitch and tonality.

  • Winners of the Lunar Robotics Design Contest

    Young engineers designed robots that dig through lunar soil for deployment on future NASA Artemis missions.

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