Aerospace and Defense


  • International team of researchers monitors nuclear weapons stockpiles with radio waves

    The researchers explain that the system uses two antennas to record a radio fingerprint of the room, with one antenna emitting a radio signal reflected off the walls and objects within the room while the other antenna records the signal.

  • Defense firm introduces its modular man-portable counter IED and drone device

    Netline Communications Technologies has launched its C-Guard Modular ManPack to counter the rising threats from drones, even in areas of conflict.

  • ABB announces completion of testing of robotic system for inserting charges in boreholes in mines

    Automation company ABB has completed testing of its automated robot charging technology for underground mines in partnership with mine operators Boliden and LKAB.

  • Commercial smallsat data acquisition contractors selected by NASA

    The Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program will acquire Earth observation data and related services from commercial sources for NASA.

  • Video: New spaceplane to service the ISS

    The craft will be used by NASA to ferry cargo to and from the International Space Station (ISS).

  • Petite power thruster to propel CubeSats

    The diminutive dynamo produces a thrust of only 4.5 millinewtons in a design that simplifies storage of a non-hazardous propellant in compact, lightweight tanks.

  • This drone can detect small, hostile drones, even ones made of wood

    The so-called "Eagle Eye" multidomain surveillance radar system is designed to identify and track aerial targets — small drones in particular.

  • New 'smart' shell for the Navy currently in development

    The new 57 mm shell is designed for use from Naval Mark 110 Naval guns, which are typically mounted on Littoral Combat Ships used by the U.S. Navy.

  • Textron, Rheinmetall introduce anti-drone weapon

    The "Skyranger 30” features an automated turret from Rheinmetall combined with a RIPSAW M5 robotic UGV developed by Textron Defense Systems.

  • AI algorithm promises to defend robots against cyberattacks

    The research team tested the AI algorithm on a replica of a U.S. Army combat ground vehicle, finding that that algorithm proved 99% effective at preventing such malicious attacks.

  • Video: NASA peeks inside the Bennu asteroid sample

    A sample collected from the 4.5-billion-year-old asteroid contains abundant water and carbon.

  • Shape-changing robotic microfliers eyed for environmental data collection

    Inspired by origami, the microfliers, which weigh around 400 milligrams, can reportedly float roughly 131 ft above the ground.

  • Using space dust as Earth's sun shield

    Let’s delve into the current research on utilizing space dust as Earth's sun shield, evaluate its potential benefits and drawbacks, and explore the practicality of this technique.

  • First US fine for littering in space

    The U.S. government has issued its first-ever fine to a private company that left space junk in orbit.

  • UK firm unveils plans for its new disposable combat UAS

    Dubbed "Jackdaw," the UAS concept will reportedly be designed for swarming and collaborative autonomous operations, including surveillance, electronic warfare, airborne decoy and threat representation.

  • Companies jointly develop a mine-clearing tank

    The aptly named WiSENT 1 Mine Clearing Tank (MCT) reportedly does as advertised: it digs up landmines for safe disposal.

  • First commercial US facility to make jet fuel from CO2

    The plant now under construction in Washington state will produce sustainable aviation fuel from carbon dioxide (CO2) and renewable electricity.

  • Smart phones to help the US Army locate hostile drones

    The CARPE Dronvm is an app that can be used to identify drones as well as alert authorities of their presence.

  • Security autonomous robot conducts outdoor patrols

    The Ascento Guard is designed to patrol large, outdoor, private properties, including manufacturing facilities, data centers, pharmaceutical production centers and warehouses, among others.

  • Drones drop in to survey nuclear decommissioning site

    Drone pilots successfully completed two flights in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles at the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria, England.

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