Aerospace and Defense


  • Aviation-grade motor tested for transport-category zero-emissions aircraft

    The 2 MW motor is reportedly the largest propulsive aerospace motor engineered to date for electric and hydrogen aircraft.

  • Robots cruise Singapore streets in search of bad behavior

    Singapore is testing robots to patrol the streets in search of those engaged in bad behavior like smoking in non-smoking areas.

  • Mars rover successfully grabs rock sample

    NASA confirms that its Perseverance Mars rover has successfully retrieved its first rock drill sample for return to Earth.

  • Video: NASA space lasers precisely map hidden Antarctic lakes

    Satellite data reveal the presence of two previously unknown active sub glacial lakes.

  • Data Safeguard handles data privacy compliance, mitigates synthetic fraud losses

    The product detects, identifies, confirms and tags real customers versus Frankenstein Identities that try to obtain a credit card or loan portfolios using fake PII.

  • Video: Demo of magnetic capture system seizing space debris

    The system successfully captured a simulated piece of space junk in orbit.

  • Rackspace Technology introduces its Elastic Engineering for Security

    Rackspace Technology, an end-to-end, multi-cloud technology solutions company, has announced the launch of Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security.

  • Army completes testing of an anti-drone laser

    System can shoot down suspicious drones.

  • Watch as VR brings jurors to the crime scene

    VR enables jurors to see the scene of the crime.

  • AI recognizes footprints, but doesn't outperform experts

    AI does not outperform experts, but could help alleviate the burden on them.

  • Shielding: The essential ingredient for protecting systems in spaceflight applications

    While radiation-hardened devices are mandatory in all spaceflight applications, the use of thin metals provides broader protection beyond the devices themselves and can be applied to any subsystem within the spacecraft.

  • Watch as this drone takes on railway inspecting tasks

    The Staaker BG-300 Railway Robot travels and inspects the rails.

  • Boeing astronaut capsule grounded for months by valve issue

    Vollmer said moisture in the air somehow infiltrated 13 valves in the capsuleā€™s propulsion system.

  • Video: Single step process converts ethanol to jet fuel

    An advanced catalyst process converts alcohol sourced from renewable or industrial waste gases into jet or diesel fuel.

  • MRO and drones: When will machine maintenance take over?

    Drones can add a layer of visibility and accuracy to any task that humans have; so why is drone-led MRO not being utilized more?

  • Lockheed Martin debuts robotically-driven manufacturing facility

    Lockheed Martin has deployed Electroimpact's advanced robots to keep their operations more exact with quicker times.

  • Watch GE demonstrate its 'ATVer' for the US Army

    The ATVer was recently demonstrated by GE.

  • New capability for in-orbit satellite upgrade and servicing

    The platform is engineered to regularly upgrade satellite constellations with new capabilities and extend spacecraft design lives.

  • Watch as this robot camouflages itself

    Watch as this robot changes color according to its surroundings.

  • US Air Force to use magnetic navigation as GPS substitute in emergencies

    If enemies disable American GPS satellites, the U.S. military may have a backup.

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