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Aerospace and Defense


  • Nuclear and space-proven seals poised to take on hydrogen energy safety challenges

    Technetics, with their pedigree in nuclear and aerospace sealing applications, has the experience and expertise to meet the challenge of hydrogen safety and containment head-on.

  • Breakthroughs in satellite internet enable truly remote connectivity

    The evolution from bulky equipment and slower speeds to today’s faster, more compact technology highlights the rapid advancements in satellite internet capabilities, making global connectivity more accessible.

  • Wearable battery to energize US soldiers

    These silicon anode cells are expected to double the energy density of existing solutions and significantly extend mission time for soldiers.

  • Wireless tech in development for charging flying drones

    This fellowship will support Dr. Ifana Mahbub’s continued research in developing wireless technology for recharging unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during flight.

  • US Navy to explore converting oil and gas rigs into military bases

    A new plan for converting oil rigs in the Pacific Ocean into mobile missile defense and resupply bases is being undertaken by the U.S. Navy.

  • Elbit Systems debuts its new UAV hunter

    The new air defense system, dubbed, Red Sky, is described by the company as a tactical very short-range air defense (VSHORAD) system designed to protect against low-altitude aerial threats.

  • A drone that converts into a life-saving flotation device

    Didiok Makings has developed its TY-3R, an Air-Water Rescue Drone system to prevent accidental drownings in bodies of water.

  • Festo debuts its BionicBees

    The so-called BionicBees are a product of Festo’s Bionic Learning Network (BLN), which develops products inspired by nature.

  • New AI predicts age by analyzing hands

    AI models trained on hand images achieved accuracy comparable to that of facial recognition technology — and with an average error of 4.1 and 4.7 years in predicting chronological age.

  • Mayman Aerospace introduces its new range of AI-equipped drones

    Razor VTOL drones can also function as a missile carrier, subsequently extending the range of small air-to-air or air-to-surface missiles.

  • AI-powered surveillance cameras 'eyed' for detecting guns in US schools

    Developed in response to the mass shootings that occurred in 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the technology identifies firearms on school grounds in an effort to enhance security measures.

  • New drone hits precision targets at 70 mph

    Rogue 1 is described as a “next-generation, rapidly deployed, and optionally lethal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)” drone designed to assist armed forces in performing precision strikes.

  • New AI-powered electromagnetic warfare tech designed to hunt drones

    Pulsar, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), can reportedly be deployed on both vehicles or aerial drones.

  • Team developing crime detection, crime hot spot prediction using machine and deep learning

    This technology could eventually be used to monitor activities in crime hotspots, detect crimes and make predictions about future criminal activities.

  • Wright Electric pursues electric propulsion testing

    The Wright Electric Aircraft Engine Test Cell is designed to characterize the performance of megawatt-class electric aircraft propulsion systems.

  • Converting landfill gas into aviation fuel

    A plasma reactor-based technique transforms methane and carbon dioxide from landfill sites into sustainable jet fuel.

  • A spider-inspired robot designed for exploring space caves

    The midsized robot is reportedly capable of exploring areas — namely caves or lava tubes — that would typically be difficult for other larger or smaller robots to access.

  • Technetics Group awarded Pratt and Whitney Premier Award for Excellence In 2023

    This recognition further solidifies the company’s reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking partner in the aerospace sector.

  • Drone visits power lines to recharge

    The autonomous self-recharging drone system is capable of long-duration sustained operations and inspection of power lines.

  • Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes: Engineering marvels shaping modern industry

    Consider the multifaceted significance of silicone pressure-sensitive tapes and explore their myriad applications and the pivotal roles they play across diverse industries.

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