Aerospace and Defense


  • New approach assesses the threat of air attacks on warships

    Based on a new iteration of the Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) and gray relational analysis, the new approach considers five different attributes in the assessment of threats.

  • Team aims to keep drones airborne with lasers

    The automated charging process for tracking drones during flight was tested on these so-called optics-driven drones (ODDs).

  • Watch this semi-submersible travel at the waterline

    The semi-submersible is being eyed for military, commercial and research applications.

  • UAVOS introduces its landing gear leaf spring system

    Systems running through the leaf-spring are hydraulic tubing, axles to connect the wheels, and brake system components. Spring leg weight is 19 kg.

  • Virtek’s laser solutions for welded assembly

    Virtek’s Iris 3D for welded assembly applications combines laser projection with 3D vision technology to locate a part in 3D space instantaneously.

  • Watch the maiden flight of the world's largest hydrogen aircraft

    The largest aircraft powered by a hydrogen-electric engine made its maiden flight on January 19, 2023.

  • Potential net-zero aviation fuel captures CO2

    The sustainable aviation fuel would significantly reduce long-haul flight emissions.

  • Video: Building the world’s largest radio telescope

    Construction is now underway to erect the Square Kilometer Array, the world's largest radio telescope.

  • Three-limbed bot designed for space tasks

    Ahead of a space-qualified iteration of MARM being developed, the researchers will test the MARM prototype in a physical simulator arrangement.

  • Team creates anti-counterfeiting label with 3D printing

    In lieu of commonly used QR codes and other anti-counterfeiting measures, which can be easily produced thanks to limited data encryption capacity on a planar space, the researchers are attempting to increase encryption density in a limited space using a new 3D printing method.

  • Claw-enhanced ornithopter can now perch

    The EPFL team suggests that enabling a robotic flapping wing bird to successfully perch itself could lead to other more sophisticated tasks that can be carried out by ornithopters, including collecting biological samples or measurements from a tree, for instance.

  • "Piloting" project aims to automate critical infrastructure inspection

    Under a project dubbed "Piloting," the researchers have developed 10 drones and ground-based robots capable of automating the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure including bridges, tunnels and oil refineries, among others.

  • Companies join forces to create tech that detects guns a football field away

    The companies will combine Evolon’s long distance object detection technology and ZeroEyes’ long range gun detection.

  • AI lets robots recognize people

    Toppan envisions deploying the AI-enhanced TransBots for security, customer analysis, guidance, transportation and cleaning applications to help alleviate labor shortages.

  • Drone-hunting missiles can down unmanned aerial systems

    Conducting ground-to-air test firings, the BAE Systems team determined that the 70 mm rockets guided by APKWS guidance kits and aimed at Class-2 unmanned aerial systems (UAS) weighing roughly 25 lb to 50 lb can travel at speeds more than 100 miles per hour.

  • New facial recognition tech is all ears

    The system works much like facial recognition to correctly identify users with up to 99% accuracy, according to its developers.

  • Kudelski introduces its new security Threat Navigator

    Using Threat Navigator, clients can visualize and understand their existing security coverage against the latest attacker techniques and access automated recommendations to improve security detection capability in their context.

  • Watch the roll out of the last Boeing 747

    After 54 years, the last 747 Jumbo Jet rolled off the production line at Boeing's Everett, Washington, facility on December 6, 2022.

  • Listen to a Martian dust devil

    The sound of a dust devil on Mars was recorded by NASA's Perseverance rover.

  • Front light NVIS compatibility study

    NVIS compatibility is a primary concern when designing light-emitting devices for military use.

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