Source: Linde North America, Inc.Source: Linde North America, Inc.The corona-discharge production process is an efficient ozone production system when using highly concentrated or pure oxygen streams. However, only a small part of the oxygen is converted to ozone. Linde developed their OZORA™ Oxygen Recovery System to reduce oxygen consumption and operating expenses and to improve system efficiency.

Highly concentrated or pure oxygen streams allow for higher ozone production and require a smaller footprint as no pre-treatment of the feed gas is required, although highly concentrated oxygen streams are not readily available. The OZORA Oxygen Recovery System greatly reduces operational expenses by recycling and reusing up to 60 percent of unconverted oxygen before it escapes.

The oxygen recovery system receives an oxygen/ozone mixture from the ozone generator and separates the two components feeding oxygen back into the generator while the ozone is mixed with dry air serving its end purpose. The advantages of producing ozone with a highly concentrated oxygen stream coupled with Linde’s OZORA Oxygen Recovery System include:

  • Higher ozone production
  • Smaller footprint
  • No pre-treatment of feed gas required
  • Reduced operating expenses

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and is used in water treatment systems to remove contaminants, to reduce micro-pollutants in potable water and for treatment of industrial wastewater with a high chemical oxygen demand (COD). Its proven performance in treating residual micro-pollutants is unparalleled. To receive these benefits at a lower cost of ownership, address ozone production efficiency with the OZORA Oxygen Recovery System.