As laser engraving and cutting systems become more accessible and affordable, more and more industries are finding unique ways to utilize this exciting technology. Here we’ll take a look at some of the up and coming industries that are incorporating laser cutting/engraving technology to brand their business, personalize their wares, and produce one-of-a-kind creations.

Beverage Industry:
From branding growlers to etching pint glasses to customizing coasters, laser applications in the beverage industry are virtually limitless! With so many substrates to work with, breweries, distilleries, and taprooms around the world are using laser systems to promote their business and products.

Wedding Industry:
From laser-cut invitations to cake toppers to customized wedding favors, laser applications in the wedding industry are growing by leaps and bounds. Since the laser works on a variety of materials, you can go from cutting cardstock to engraving champagne flutes to personalizing wedding party gifts in no time!

Fashion Industry:
Lasers work incredibly well with a variety of fabrics – both for cutting and direct-to-garment etching. Whether you’re cutting heat transfer material for custom t-shirts, directly etching napkins, aprons or other apparel, or cutting patterns for future designs, Epilog systems work quickly and with laser precision on some of today’s most popular textiles.

Versatile machines like Epilog’s systems open a world of possibilities to designers, engineers, manufacturers, and makers across a variety of industries. With so many applications, the only limit is your imagination!