The world’s first methanol-powered ship will soon be sailing international waters.

Stena Germanica, a ferry that is owned and operated by Swedish ferry operator Stena Line, has passed fire risk assessments and is now ready to begin regular service using methanol as a primary fuel.

The area along the North Sea and English Channel is a “sulfur emission control area” and stricter rules apply to ships to minimize emissions. Methanol meets these requirements and provides an advantage because it is stored at room temperature and also can be produced from biomass.

Sweden approved a fire protection design in January 2015, and Stena began new fire protection installations soon after. The Germanica will combine methanol as its primary fuel with marine gas fuel as a back-up power source. Sulfur dioxide emissions are expected to be cut by 99%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 60%, particulates by 95% and carbon dioxide by 25%.

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