The time required to change tools can sometimes be a constraint on the intensity with which press brakes can be operated.

With its Xpert Tool Changer, Bystronic claims it has a compact automation solution for fast bending-tool changing, allowing users to reduce the set-up time and increase bending quality.

The system relies on sensors and roboticsThe system relies on sensors and roboticsWith the system a high-end Xpert press brake can now swap tools automatically. The key elements are a sensor system and integrated robotics technology that create a versatile bending system that sets itself up.

Bystronic claims that capability should mean that users never again bend a part with the wrong tool or with a tool that has not been correctly inserted into the press brake's upper or lower beam. For each bending job the system fetches the appropriate toolset from the magazine and inserts it correctly, even when bending with several stations distributed across the bending length. This enables users to bend every part with consistently high quality.

When users frequently need to expand a press brake's range of bending tools, the system allows the immediate insertion of new tools into the clamping system of the upper or lower beam. The system then scans the new tool and automatically integrates it into the magazine without any programming effort or the need to call in a service technician.

Upper tools can also be rotated by 180 degrees and inserted in the beam to increase bending versatility - an option that often poses difficulties for conventional automation solutions. In fact if required, the 6-axis robotics can rotate all the upper tools and thus increase the range of applications of the existing tools.

Also, in order the ensure sustained processing of parts the system is equipped with a nozzle that cleans the whole length of bending table using compressed air. This capability ensures that mill scale and cutting residues that drop onto the lower beam are removed, helping to ensure the precise insertion of next set of tools.

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