A process for finding and killing Escherichia coli in small volumes of contaminated drinking water was developed at York University, Canada.

 DipTreat can fish, trap, and kill E. coli in water. DipTreat can fish, trap, and kill E. coli in water.Porous paper strips laced at the top and bottom with sugar are dipped into potable water to fish for, and trap, the bacteria, which can be harmful. The middle of the strip is infused with an antimicrobial agent extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera – commonly known as drumstick or horseradish tree. The treatment was shown to inactivate 90% of E. coli in water samples in less than two hours.

The developers believe the DipTreat solution can lead to a new generation of inexpensive and portable water treatment devices which can passively remove and neutralize deleterious bacteria from water.

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