WALTER Surface Technologies has introduced its new Super Singles Variable retrofit welding lens, the newest addition to the industry-leading Singles family. This lens is an upgrade to the Super Singles lens with versatile new features to help welders improve their productivity.

The new Super Singles Variable lens offers ArcOne’s exclusive HD Technology, which increases the range of visible light when looking through the welding lens. This allows welders to see color in its truest form, offering a clearer, more defined view of their work area, helping to improve weld quality and reduce rework.

Source: WALTER Surface TechnologiesSource: WALTER Surface Technologies

Key to the upgraded Super Singles Variable is its remarkable dark shade range of 6 to 13, the widest range available in the retrofit lens category and the only of its kind to sport a digital display. With this wider range, users will gain increased flexibility to handle a broader spectrum of tasks, from light-duty to high-intensity welding, all with a single lens.

Underscoring the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the Super Singles Variable comes with a robust three-year warranty longer than the industry standard of a two-year warranty in this category.

“Super Singles Variable welding lenses are built for welders who need more versatility,” said Philip Laforest, senior product manager, Safety and SURFOX, at WALTER. “With a wider dark shade range, welders can easily adapt to changing light conditions safely and perform a variety of welding tasks in a variety of different environments.”

This lens fits most 2 x 4 welding helmets and is now available at WALTER/ARCONE distribution points.

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