The Purge Lip Sealing Valve (PLSV) from ASDevices represents a groundbreaking innovation in analytical valve technology. Engineered with precision, this latest offering combines the longevity of a diaphragm valve with the efficiency of a conical rotary valve, setting a new standard of reliability and durability in analytical instrumentation.

The most notable design features of the PLSV are its innovative purge system and reduced sealing surface area insert. These features eliminate the risk of leaks and ensure unparalleled performance over an extended lifespan.

Source: ASDevicesSource: ASDevices

The unique purge technology of the PLSV eradicates inboard/outboard and cross-port leaks, providing a level of reliability unmatched by conventional valve designs. With the option of electrical or pneumatic compact actuators, the PLSV can be installed in constrained spaces, offering a small footprint without compromising performance.

Thanks to its reduced surface area insert technology, the PLSV has the capability to withstand over 1 million actuations in ultra-high purity (UHP) environments, offering exceptional durability. In addition, the valve delivers a consistent pressure/flow drop characteristic across a wide temperature range, ensuring reliable performance under varying conditions.

The internal flow path of the PLSV is engineered to contain no dead volume, minimizing waste and optimizing efficiency. The innovative design of the PLSV incorporates purging channels and valve head purging pockets, effectively eliminating leaks by continuously removing gas from around the insert and between ports.

Through meticulous optimization of sealing lip size and shape using finite element modeling (FEM) and real-life testing, the PLSV achieves a reduced sealing surface area, minimizing wear and friction for enhanced longevity.

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