Dynamic 1 from the China-based tech firm TECNO is the latest artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled robotic dog to make its debut.

Recently introduced at the Mobile World Congress on Monday, February 26, in Barcelona, Spain, Dynamic 1 can reportedly climb stairs, bow and shake hands.

Source: TECNOSource: TECNO

Further, Dynamic 1 can also reportedly recognize voice commands thanks to four on-board microphones as well as an AI-based voice recognition algorithm. Dynamic 1 is outfitted with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables the robot dog to work with smartphone apps or a remote. The robot also features a host of cameras and sensors for navigating objects.

Capable of speeds of up to 8.3 miles per hour, Dynamic 1 has roughly 90 minutes of usage due to its internal 15,000-mAh (milliampere per hour) battery.

To see Dynamic 1 at the Mobile World Congress, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of TECNO.

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