Israel-based StoreDot reports that its silicon-dominant extreme fast charging (XFC) battery cells did not degrade after 1,000 consecutive XFC cycles.

The electric vehicle battery maker conducted an extended set of charging profile tests in which XFC was applied from 10% to 80% of the charge in 10 minutes, with the remaining charging cycle — from 0% to 10% and 80% to 100% — performed with slower charging. When tested for full slow-charging cycles from 0% to 100%, the battery cells also demonstrated a similar charging cycle performance.

Source: StoreDotSource: StoreDot

The cells displayed no additional degradation after being subjected to XFC cycles, a result that is comparable to that of cells that were slow charged from 0% to100%. The testing marks progress in the delivery of an XFC battery solution that eliminates range and charging anxiety with the ability to extreme fast charge every time.

The XFC battery replaces the conventional graphite anode with silicon-based nanoparticles. Cell stability over numerous charge/discharge cycles is improved by use of a unique electrolyte, including several organic additives synthesized in-house. Combining the elements of silicon-based anode in conjugation with a highly conductive cathode improved thermal efficiency, optimized ratio between electrodes, and customized electrolyte enable high energy density while delivering extremely high rates of lithium insertion.

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