A robot capable of cleaning toilets in office settings has been developed by New York-based company Somatic.

For $1,000 a month, companies can automate the cleaning of shared restrooms in their buildings amid a global labor shortage.

Source: SomaticSource: Somatic

The Somatic toilet cleaning robot can, as the name suggests, autonomously clean toilets, mop, disinfect and vacuum-dry most areas throughout a public restroom.

To accomplish this, Somatic maps the entire floor plan of the office so that the robot can virtually navigate the area as well as perform the cleaning tasks ahead of being deployed in the real-world office where it will perform a set of tasks repeatedly.

In addition to cleaning, the toilet cleaning robot can also open and close doors and ride elevators. The only obstacles it has yet to overcome are cleaning up unique spills and cleaning hard-reach places.

Watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Somatic for more information on the toilet cleaning robot.

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