In a nod to the animated series The Jetsons, Amazon has developed a robot designed for use in the home.

So-named for the Jetson's dog — and not, as would be expected, for the Jetson’s own domestic robot Rosey — Astro is capable of alerting homeowners to unknown visitors in the home and potential hazards such as unattended stoves, for instance.

Source: AmazonSource: Amazon

Likewise, the 17 inch tall Astro can transport and deliver snacks and drinks to homeowners and their guests as well as take on light cleaning tasks thanks to onboard cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) that enable Astro to avoid obstacles in the home.

Astro is expected to be available in late 2021 for $1,000, according to Amazon.

For more information on Astro, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Amazon.

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