Singapore is employing robots to clean bodies of water and monitor water quality.

Uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) from Weston Robot, a manufacturer of robots, have been deployed to Marina Bay in Singapore to autonomously clean up garbage in the water.

Connected to a 5G network, the robot can be remote controlled in real time and enables operators to receive alerts and maintain a view of the cleaning process.

Source: Weston RobotsSource: Weston Robots

Before Weston Robot robots were deployed for cleaning up bodies of water in Singapore, humans operated gas-powered boats to perform the clean-up tasks, emitting 20 tons of carbon each year. As such, experts suggest that robots could cut emissions by an estimated 80%.

Further, the robots feature on-board sensors to test the water pH levels and chemical oxygen demand as it collects garbage.

The robot is expected to eventually be deployed to other bodies of water throughout Singapore.

For more information on the river-cleaning robot, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Weston Robots.

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