SECO SpA has launched CLEA Store, a brand-new component of the CLEA platform meant to accelerate the distribution of value-added services to end users.

CLEA Store will serve as a technological infrastructure allowing companies to set up their own customer-branded service marketplace: in this way, they will be able to release applications developed either internally or by a third party (system integrators, stand-alone developers) to the users of theirSource: SECO SpASource: SECO SpA devices.

By implementing CLEA Store, equipment vendors will be able to extend and differentiate their offering from the competition through the availability of value-added solutions. Leveraging its distribution and billing features, original equipment manufacturers will be able to deliver devices connected to CLEA by default, and have users enable premium features once they sign a subscription. It is an accelerator for adding new business models based on servitization and recurring revenue streams into the sales mix.

As CLEA applications can access the entire data stream from devices, the CLEA Store can also be used by companies to distribute artificial intelligence (AI) models, which can be either deployed on demand or remain dormant until activated, depending on the customer’s needs. Ultimately, this enables these players to sell AI-powered features to end users with a premium.

For players who want to provide multiple apps within a single transaction, CLEA Store also supports a “bundle” feature that will enable them to tailor their offering with a mix of basic functionalities and full-fledged features to be unlocked for a premium.

Thanks to CLEA’s open infrastructure, customers will also be able to integrate their own billing and payment frameworks to support the transactions, even though integration with popular payment gateways will be provided by default, supporting periodic subscriptions via credit card or other means of payment.

Business model wise, CLEA Store will be provided through a pure revenue share logic to SECO’s customers: there will be no premium on top of the standard CLEA service fee, whereas SECO will retain a portion of the income generated by the sale of services or bundles.

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