SECO will showcase its Clea software suite at SPS 2023 (Smart Production Solutions) from November 14 to 16, 2023, in Nuremberg. Visitors can get a taste of its features and its peculiarities for the industrial automation market through a software demo at the SECO booth 211, in Hall 8.

Clea open-source and production-ready software suite offers an effortless and cost-effective solution for harnessing the potential of field data by building value-added services, enabling advanced artificial intelligence (AI) applications and more — all within a modular, fully integrated system that boasts scalability

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Following a highly modular approach that meets the requirements of even the most demanding internet of things (IoT) projects, Clea is designed for extensibility and scalability.

Available as a managed service, even within companies' own infrastructure, or as-a-service for an even faster time-to-market, Clea provides highly scalable and cost-effective, full-featured data management and orchestration with advanced built-in security. Serving as a complete fleet and device management solution, from over-the-air updates to application management, Clea also offers a ready-to-use, extensible user interface and UI framework with advanced monetization features.

Accelerating time to market with Clea

Clea’s middleware components are open source and offer robust integration capabilities, allowing deployment in any major cloud environment or on-premises, and supporting any kind of field device or gateway.

  • Native fieldbus integration — Clea supports several open source and commercial add-ons to allow direct connection to a vast number of industrial fieldbuses, minimizing integration times and providing quick and direct access to data that matters. And for any more advanced needs, device SDKs can be used to integrate custom local data collection mechanisms with Clea.
  • Manage devices at scale — From planning and onboarding to monitoring and maintenance, Clea allows devices distributed across the plant to be managed remotely, with full bidirectional communication. And for equipment not connected to the internet yet, Clea can be used from a local, low power gateway to retrofit existing machines.
  • Designed for large datasets — Clea features an advanced data orchestration framework to manage even the most challenging datasets collected from field equipment thanks to its highly scalable design. With features such as edge data reduction and easy integration with third party data lakes, it is the perfect companion to AI and data science applications.
  • Develop value-added solutions — Clea is designed for extensibility and integration; its extensive developer framework can be used to build quickly and easily value-added services and applications, and Clea Application Framework enables marketplace-like features for your final solution, with a full-fledged monetization system. And thanks to the growing network of Clea partners, finding additional, local support for development needs is easier than ever.

Clea is part of SECO’s comprehensive, integrated, and modular offering that enables intelligent factory management through edge computing performance, IoT connectivity and AI services. SECO’s end-to-end, readily integrated solutions can significantly reduce time to market and enable high-quality end products, unlocking new business opportunities and efficiencies.

Besides product innovations, an additional disruptive revelation awaits visitors to the stand. There will be the opportunity to experience SECO's new brand visual identity and logo, embodying the company’s commitment to lead the change in an ever-evolving reality. Join SECO on this journey to explore endless ways of shaping a more digital, sustainable and intelligent world.

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