SECO S.p.A. has announced a new commercial agreement with a worldwide leader in the production of fully automatic coffee machines for both domestic and professional use.

The customer manufactures a wide portfolio of machine models for which SECO will provide custom edge computing systems. By developing and integrating electronics, display and mechanical components, these solutions will enhance the user-machine interaction.Source: SECOSource: SECO

A distinctive aspect of SECO’s offering is its deep system integration capability, gained through years of experience across several verticals. The proposed solution is designed to meet the highest resistance requirements of the human-machine interface (HMI, or touch/display) component, as it operates in a high-temperature environment characterized by steam presence. At the same time, careful attention has been given to both product aesthetics and user-friendliness, focusing on the user experience, elements particularly significant in a market closely linked to the professional sphere.

The design win is expected to generate revenues exceeding €50 million in the period 2024-2025.

The two companies have now decided to strengthen the collaboration by exploring the digitalization opportunities presented by the use of the artificial intelligence (AI) for the future generations of machines, aiming to launch new high-value-added services in the coffee sector.

Leveraging the use of AI at the edge, SECO’s Clea software suite represents the ideal technological infrastructure to enable new functions such as predictive maintenance, consumption trend analysis, and personalized offerings, fully harnessing the data generated by field devices.

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