The AugmentedArc Augmented Reality Welding System from Miller Electric offers a highly realistic multi-process welding simulation solution for classroom training.

For beginner to advanced-level weld students, the AugmentedArc system simulates multiple welding processes, blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment. Real-time feedback is provided on a student’s technique to help correct errors and reinforce proper welding practices to accelerate skill advancement before live arc welding in a lab. This minimizes material costs by saving wire, gas, and workpieces, and ensures safety.

The AugmentedArc Helmet features a lightweight, balanced design with a large viewing area for enhanced user comfort and experience. The helmet’s external optical sensor captures and sends images of codedSource: Miller ElectricSource: Miller Electric devices and workpieces to the simulator, which then generates 3D images of the workpieces, augmenting them into a real-life environment. Additionally, the display on the simulator replicates the view inside the helmet to provide accurate feedback.

The system includes Teacher Software, a user-friendly and flexible learning management system (LMS) that allows instructors to manage courses and content, maximizing the usefulness of the welding simulators. Instructors can create and manage their own welding curriculum and an offline mode allows access remotely.

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