The new Trimble X12 scanning system combines two expert solutions into one. Trimble’s data-capture software and in-field registration integrates Zoller+Frohlich’s (Z+F) 3D laser scanning and imaging hardware technology. The Trimble X12 gives users the ability to visualize, manage and evaluate projects throughout the workflow.

"The Trimble X12 puts the most advanced 3D scan and image capture within reach for a variety of skill levels," said Jacek Pietruczanis, business area director for scanning and mobile mapping, Trimble Geospatial. "The system enables advanced scanning professionals to improve their productivity with top-of-the-line performance and efficiency gains, while those new to scanning can easily unlock this advanced capability with the touch of a button."

Users can access high-quality 3D data in the form of scans, models and imagery, to determine, for example, the structural integrity of aging infrastructure. The ability to make decisions is streamlined with the Trimble X12 because data can reside within the Trimble software, making it easy for even scanning technology beginners to visualize, manage and evaluate their projects from start to finish.

Jobsite accuracy a priority

Operating the Trimble X12 with the Trimble Perspective field software installed on a Trimble T10x tablet enables registration and refinement of scans in the field. The accuracy and completion of the project are ensured at the jobsite. The on-board software menu lets users configure and operate the scanner. Data is exported from the field and processed in the office with Trimble RealWorks software. Results can be shared online with clients and stakeholders using Trimble Clarity, a browser-based data collaboration and visualization tool.

Trimble X12 features best-in-class range (from 0.3 m up to 365 m) and scan speed of up to 2.187 million points per second. It produces scan data and images with quality and clarity.

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