Cowan Dynamics recently introduced the new E2H-ESD, complementing its line of electrohydraulic actuators (E2H). The E2H-ESD has been specifically designed to operate emergency shutoff valves (ESD). ESD valves are crucial for the safe operation of piping systems, and this new self-contained system is engineered for fast, safe and reliable failure conditions during the loss of power and ESD signals.

The E2H-ESD emergency shutoff valve actuator is designed to operate in hazardous areas and under extreme conditions. It features a completely modular design consisting of hydraulic power, hydraulic cylinder, scotch yoke mechanism, spring canister and control panel for local and remote operation.

Source: Cowan DynamicsSource: Cowan Dynamics

Hydraulic manual override is a standard feature, integrated to the manifold block as a hydraulic hand pump. The actuators are shipped filled with oil, fully tested and ready for user-friendly operation with easy-to-follow instructions. Quick and easy commissioning is achieved by plugging a single electric connection input to the power supply.

A wide range of temperature ratings make the E2H-ESD series actuators suitable for use in a variety of applications under different temperature conditions. Thanks to an integral cartridge element heater in a fully enclosed hydraulic unit, performance degradation caused by variations in the oil viscosity is prevented and the need for external thermal insulation (i.e., blankets) is eliminated.

Additional features of the E2H-ESD series actuators include torques of up to 3,000,000 in-lbs (3,456,374 kg-cm), On/Off service emergency shutdown valves, local and remote control, visual position indicators, explosion proof design, fast acting, fail last, fail close or fail open capabilities, an operating pressure up to 2,500 psi (172 bar) and partial stroke test.

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