Image and measurement software that puts you in control

Obtain results that comply with the latest industrial standards and create professional reports that can easily be exported to your company’s network. With robust data sharing and security features, the PRECiV™ software makes your workflow faster and more efficient. Simple to use, the software gives you the control to perform repetitive 2D measurements during production, quality control and inspection operations for precise results.

Easy-to-use microscope imaging and measurement tools

The user interface enables you to take advantage of the software’s powerful tools with minimal training. The uncomplicated navigation tab makes it easier to access the software’s functions — such as observation, acquisition and measurement — via clearly labeled, large buttons to quickly capture precise 2D measurements on stive and live images.

Use the software with minimal training

You can customize the home screen, making it easy to access the functions you will use often. Experienced users can press the 'more' button to access all the features and functions. For new users, the interface remains uncluttered, while the advanced setting are hidden.

PRECiV seamlessly integrates your microscope, Evident Scientific/Olympus camera and accessories so when you install the software, all the necessary drivers are also installed, making it easy to adapt.