Digital microscopy for QA/QC

In many industries, such as metals, electronics, and aerospace, repeatable and consistent results are paramount to ensure the quality of products and materials that we use every day in our jobs and our homes. The DSX1000 digital microscope provides you the ability to guarantee* the accuracy and precision of your results at the click of a button.

Guaranteed* accuracy and precision

Most manufacturers cannot guarantee the measurement accuracy of their digital microscopes. Olympus can guarantee* the accuracy and repeatability of DSX1000 microscope measurements at all magnifications. Additionally, the DSX1000 digital microscope’s auto-calibration feature is fast and easy to use, helping you maintain precise measurement accuracy.

Quick change lenses

With some microscopes, illumination methods are dependent on your choice of lens, and changing illumination can be time consuming. The DSX1000 system allows you to change out your objective lenses in seconds instead of minutes.

Find the best image between six observation methods

Easily switch between brightfield (BF), oblique, darkfield (DF), MIX (BF and DF), simple polarization (PO), differential interference contrast (DIC), and contrast enhancement observation functions. This flexibility enables you to handle almost any microscope inspection task and find the best image for your specific need.

See your sample from many angles

The eucentric optical design maintains a good visual field when tilted, enabling you to observe your sample from many angles. This flexibility frees you from only having the option to observe your samples directly from above, helping you spot hard-to-see defects. Additionally, the stage rotates 180 degrees for even more flexibility in how you view your sample.

Objective lenses from 20x–7,000x

No matter if you need long working distance lenses to observe samples with irregularities such as molds and metal parts or high-performance objective lenses for more involved samples such as semiconductors and wafers, Olympus has up to 17 objective lenses to cover 20x–7,000x magnification.

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*To guarantee XY accuracy, calibration work must be undertaken by an Olympus service technician.