PRECiV is a complete imaging and measurement solution that lets you easily control your Evident conventional industrial microscopes, coded functions, motorized nosepieces and digital cameras. PRECiV also works with some motorized devices from third parties, such as motorized stages, stage controllers and focus drives.

One of the best things about PRECiV is that you can use motorization to automate your workflow. With a dedicated user interface, the software lets you control manual and semi-automated microscopes and select independent devices. This interface lets experienced users easily control a motorized stage and focus drive to get time-lapse images, movies or 3D stacks. With PRECiV, you can automate tasks you do often and simplify your workflow to save time and reduce mistakes.

You can also use macros with PRECiV to automate even more tasks and make your workflows even more effortless. You can record and playback simple macros, but you can also record a long list of commands, such as processing images with a neural network and making batch processing. This feature makes it easy to automate interactive measurements, like measuring a chain, and to quickly process a lot of data.

But PRECiV is not just about making things easier and more automated. It also takes pictures that are incredibly clear and sharp. The software has high resolution and accuracy, so you can see things that can't be seen and make new discoveries. With PRECiV, you can take your research to the next level and get results that were once impossible.

PRECiV is a must-have for any microscopy lab that wants to improve its results, streamline its workflow, and make more money. No matter how long you've been in the field or how new you are, PRECiV is easy to use and has many features to make your life easier.

Don't put up with bad pictures and wrong measurements any longer. Upgrade your Evident microscopy lab to PRECiV and experience the power of automation, precision, and accuracy.