The face of shopping is set to change today with the opening of Amazon Go, a convenience store located in Seattle, Washington, from the online retail giant Amazon.

Amazon Go is different from traditional convenience stores because shoppers are not expected to stand in line at the checkout, swiping credit cards or scanning barcodes, because those checkouts don't exist.

Instead, shoppers enter the store using a smartphone app and pick out whatever items they need and they can simply leave. Tiny infrared cameras situated throughout the store watch what items the shoppers select and charge that shopper's credit card, which is linked to their Amazon account.

Data obtained from the cameras is filtered through an algorithm that determines whether shoppers are taking items home or if they are simply looking at them, which ensures that the credit cards are being appropriately charged.

The store has been open to Amazon employees for a 14-month trial period. Monday marks the first day the store is open to the public.

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