Rated for voltages up to 42,000 V DC, Flexx-Sil jacketed single conductor and multi-conductor power cables from Cicoil have been designed to provide absolute reliability in solar panel powered systems.

The Cicoil Crystal-Clear cable designs allow for uninterrupted performance in operation critical applications such as low earth orbit Cubesats, ground-based autonomous vehicles, drones and aircraft, space rovers and power subsystems, electric delivery trucks, floating solar farms, stadiums and various innovative solar projects.

Source: CicoilSource: CicoilUnlike other types of solar cables that become brittle when deployed in harsh outdoor environments, Flexx-Sil cables do not require external "armor" or conduit for protection. The ultra-durable outer jacket is self-healing from small punctures and will not deform or prematurely age due to prolonged exposure to UV rays, high levels of sunlight, ozone, radiation, intense heat (+260° C), acid rain, flames, salt water, humidity, fungus, cold temperatures (-65° C), vibration, shock, weathering, coarse sand, mechanical stress, most chemicals and tough weather conditions.

These jacketed solar cables (30 AWG to 4 AWG) are available in continuous lengths, cut to order or as assemblies complete with connectors of your choice. In addition, Cicoil offers anti-friction coatings, larger and smaller AWG sizes and lower/higher voltage designs by request.

Sunlight and heat resistant solar cables are low smoke zero halogen. flame retardant, do not shed harmful contaminants, are low outgas to ASTM E-595, RoHS and REACH Compliant, and are cured continuously, with no debris or material impurities in an automated, climate-controlled environment. The cables also pass UL/CSA VW-1, FT 1 and FT 2, UL 94V-0 flammability testing and FAA burn testing.

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