Remee Wire & Cable is launching a new line of TEKwire low voltage audio, instrumentation, control and digital signaling cables. These new cables are comparable to the Belden “Classics” series and have been designed for use in general-purpose type applications for commercial, industrial and residential installations.

The various cables included in the TEKwire line can be used in many everyday applications, such as:

  • Line level audio
  • Low noise analog audio
  • Voice communication
  • Low voltage analog signal
  • Low voltage digital control
  • Panel wiring

Although Remee has supplied these cable types in low smoke zero halogen designs for many years, the new TEKwire cables are now available in PVC jackets, plenum-rated PVC Remguard jackets or fluorinated Source: Remee Wire & CableSource: Remee Wire & Cableethylene propylene (FEP) jackets for high-temperature and harsh conditions. In addition, low capacitance versions are offered. Solid bare tinned copper or solid bare copper stranded conductors are available, ranging from 24 AWG to 18 AWG, along with double shielded, shielded and unshielded versions. Cables carry a variety of ratings, including CM, CMP, CMG and CL2. Several popular constructions are in stock now, in stranded tinned copper conductor styles.

The cables feature specially engineered designs, with distinct and important advantages over minimally compliant alarm and security grade styles:

  1. Cable designs are hardy and durable, able to provide reliable performance, and are priced competitively.
  2. Tinned copper conductors are available for better corrosion resistance and to make soldered connections easier.
  3. Insulation and jacket walls are thicker, providing greater signal performance and durability.
  4. FEP jacketed versions are rugged, ideal for use in harsh environments and wet locations. UL 444 rated.
  5. Double shielding coverage (foil plus braid) is available on many constructions.
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