U.K.-based Moley Robotics has developed what it has dubbed the world’s first robotic kitchen.

According to its developers, the kitchen features two robotic arms that can prepare meals — thanks to assorted onboard sensors and optical cameras — with the push of a button.

Reportedly, the dexterous robot can mimic the motions of human hands to retrieve ingredients, adjust temperatures, use the sink, fill and pour ingredients into pans, mix ingredients and plate meals.

Additionally, the robot can clean up following meal prep thanks to an onboard optical system that enables the robot to detect spilled food items.

Created by 100 engineers and designers with input from three chefs, the robot can produce 30 different meals, and a recipe creator software tool allows for the addition of more recipes to be added.

With a price tag of roughly $330,000, Moley Robotics reports that inquiries about the robot have been made by restaurants, building developers, hotels and caterers, among others, prompting the company to begin development of a commercial version of the robot to be released some time in 2021.

For more information, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Moley Robotics.

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