In this Epilog Laser Studio project, we're showing how to create a 3D-layered acrylic sign using different colors of acrylic sheets.

Acrylic sheet is difficult to cut with a traditional CNC or by hand, but with an Epilog Laser cutting acrylic is like a hot knife through butter. The ability of the laser to create perfectly flame-polished edges means less finishing work and quick turnaround times on projects. Many sign making and acrylic processing companies can make use of the laser’s ability to quickly reproduce custom client projects by leveraging the laser machine as a fabrication tool in their workshop.

In Adobe Illustrator, we’ve mocked up a 3D example of what our final project will look like, using Illustrator’s 3D / Bevel and Extrude features. Creating a 3D digital mock-up is a great way to develop a proof of concept before moving on to the production phase at the laser.

We used the Fusion Pro 32 with an 80 W laser tube, and the optional slat-style vector table perfect for cutting acrylic for this project.