Nichicon America Corporation announced the release of episode 8 of their Doctor Capacitor video training series. This episode follows this summer’s release of episode 7, and includes information about soldering, PCB cleaning and various types of capacitors.

Episode eight introduces wave-soldering and reflow soldering as concepts similar to baking. Doctor Capacitor is played by sales engineer Mark Gebbia, who also explains the difference between surface-mount parts and through-hole parts, along with helpful graphics.

The show also brings jokes, employing Nichicon summer intern James Fleshman and sales associate Junko Arnold in the show. Silly accents, costumes and "capacitorioli" are some of the best moments this episode —Capacitor’s Kitchen — has to offer.

Future episodes of Doctor Capacitor will be released throughout 2019 on Nichicon’s website and YouTube channel. For more information, including episode white papers or to ask the Doctor a question, visit the Nichicon website.

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