The electronics division of Samsung announced this week that it would no longer encase its products in plastic packaging.

The new sustainability policy, announced Sunday, means no more protective plastic holder trays for Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, wearables and other devices. Instead, those products will be housed in pulp molds, paper, recycled plastics or bioplastics, which are biomass materials made from vegetable fats, sugarcane and corn starch. Likewise, Samsung appliances, including refrigerators, TVs, washing machines and other kitchen appliances, will no longer arrive at their destination covered in standard plastic bags to protect their surfaces. Instead, those appliances will be covered in plastic bags made from recycled plastic or bioplastics. In addition to changing the packaging materials, Samsung will also investigate environmentally friendly alternatives for its user manuals.

Samsung phone chargers will also undergo a transformation, as Samsung intends to replace the charger’s glossy exterior with a matte finish that will eliminate the need for plastic protection films.

The changes are set to take place in the second half of 2019.

Samsung’s sustainability policy follows word that a coalition of companies is considering a trial of reusable packaging for their respective brand-name products to curb plastic pollution. Other popular companies have also announced initiatives to reduce their plastic usage with bans on single-use plastic items such as straws.

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