• A. O. Smith sets new standard with high-efficiency heat pump water heater — The Voltex AL

    Water heating and water treatment specialists A. O. Smith recently introduced the Voltex AL (anti-leak) hybrid electric heat pump water heater to its portfolio of residential products.

  • Emerson’s new analytics software automates utilities monitoring and reporting for clean-in-place applications

    The technology replaces error-prone manual record keeping and monitors energy and utilities parameters, improving efficiency and productivity.

  • ABB introduces its smallest industrial bot yet

    ABB’s IRB 1010 is an industrial robot with a 5.2-inch footprint and a reach of 14.5 inches designed for increasing production of small devices such as health trackers, smart watches, sensors and earphones in the manufacturing space.

  • Highly efficient magnet-free electric motor

    Will magnet-free motors revolutionize the EV industry?

  • Machine learning technique could lead to more resilient roads

    To improve the construction of roads, thereby reducing potholes and associated maintenance costs and thus making roads more resilient, the team turned to a machine-learning technique.

  • Robots designed for unclogging pipelines

    The so-called Joey robot can traverse narrow underground pipes, relaying damages or obstructions to human operators above ground.

  • VPT introduces VSC series of space COTS converters

    DC-to-DC power converters change a DC input voltage into output voltages of different voltage.

  • Tool turns handwriting, sketches into code

    Notate lets users of digital notebooks open drawing canvases and handwrite diagrams within lines of digitized computer code.

  • Biggest battery storage system in Europe now online

    The system can provide electricity for about 300,000 homes for two hours, thanks to the output of a Tesla two-hour Megapack system.

  • Seco hydraulic chucks and reduction sleeves take the hassle out of tool holding

    With 360° tool-shank holding strength and precise centering, the hydraulic chucks and expansion sleeves ensure reliability, exceptional machining performance and maximized tool life.

  • Solar cell efficiency chart goes interactive

    The chart contains information on a range of different photovoltaic cell technologies and their evolution over the last 50 years.

  • Device deters overfishing of sharks, stingrays

    Fishtek Marine, a team of conservation of engineers, has developed SharkGuard, a device that produces a short-range 3D-pulsed electric field that discourages sharks from baited hooks.

  • Robots help consumers shop

    Called the PickUp Port, the technology lets consumers shop online and then retrieve their order directly from the AutoStore System with robots picking, organizing and storing items.

  • Optilogic launches first 100% SaaS-based supply chain design solution

    The Cosmic Frog solution enables optimization, simulation and risk analysis across an end-to-end supply chain in a single platform, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions beyond just cost.

  • Automating air leak detection on trains

    To enable the system to autonomously detect air leaks, the SwRI team trained machine learning algorithms to distinguish air leaks from non-leak data as obtained from the sensor outputs.

  • Video: Heat battery to reduce fossil fuel reliance and emissions

    Fossil fuel-generated heat can be replaced with a simple standalone thermal energy storage that transforms surplus electricity from solar or wind farms into heat.

  • A powerful wave of FPT Industrial innovative marine solutions on display at METSTRADE 2022

    Sustainability, efficiency, hybrid propulsion solutions and new collaborations were the main themes showcased at RAI Amsterdam Europaplein in Amsterdam.

  • Fully autonomous forklift to do the heavy lifting in warehouses

    The fully autonomous Apex 1400-L forklift can reportedly perform warehouse tasks associated with shipping, receiving, put away, replenishment and raw material movement, among others.

  • Adsorbent material cleans up GenX forever chemicals

    The adsorbent media, developed by London-based Puraffinity, has reportedly performed better than currently used ion exchange and activated carbon technologies against GenX chemical contaminants.

  • Video: Tour the universe with this interactive map

    An interactive map charts the positions and colors of 200,000 galaxies stretching from Earth to the edge of the observable universe.

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