• EPA kicks-off ‘Companies Crushing Pollution’ Video Challenge

    Students and others are invited to submit videos that show pollution prevention activities at U.S. businesses.

  • Mobile app tracks air quality via satellite imagery

    The app delivers the data needed to help different industrial sectors achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction and net zero goals.

  • DVIGear introduces HyperLight mini DisplayPort 1.4 cables

    The cables are designed for use in mission critical applications where image quality and long-term reliability are paramount.

  • This camera can see the unseen

    This research could play a large part in noninvasive medical imaging, finding health issues at more treatable phases. Navigation systems in vehicles and industrial machinery can be repaired in record time.

  • First commercial passenger flight with 100% SAF

    On December 1, 2021, United Airlines operated the world's first passenger flight using 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

  • Fujifilm survey reveals lack of awareness about environmental impact of data storage solutions

    Research highlights the need to address increased energy consumption and carbon emissions from data centers.

  • Resins feature flame retardancy and impact resistance for EV battery modules

    The resins address key requirements for electric vehicle (EV) batteries for improved safety, range and power with enhanced flame retardancy and impact strength.

  • See a new lunar rover prototype

    The vehicle was jointly developed by Nissan Motor Co. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

  • Fixed-film treatment process reduces sludge management issues for smaller flow wastewater applications

    Biological treatment systems for small communities and commercial properties are commonly scaled-down versions of the activated sludge process, but a self-regulating, fixed-film activated sludge treatment process is often required and employed in these applications.

  • Tough on pump clogs: Prison facility eliminates submersible clogs with new above grade lift station

    When a correctional facility underwent a capacity expansion, changes to its submersible sewage pumping station coincided, resulting in a new approach to combatting the ills of prison sewage pump clogs.

  • Construction fastener market expands in North America, Europe and Oceania

    The North America, Europe and Oceania building and construction fasteners market size is expected to reach U.S. $5.72 billion by 2028.

  • Consent-based siting program revived for spent nuclear fuel

    The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a request for information on a consent-based siting process that would be used to identify sites to store the nation’s spent nuclear fuel.

  • Tape keeps the lead inside perovskite solar cells

    The transparent film mitigates the environmental risk posed by the release of lead if a perovskite panel is damaged.

  • Video: Firgelli Automations targets robotics and linear motion industries with externally adjustable electric linear actuator

    The actuators feature a patent-pending mechanical limit switch device, providing end users with unprecedented flexibility.

  • Video: Drilling for deep ice in Antarctica

    Researchers plan to collect the oldest continuous ice core in Antarctica and provide a record of the climate spanning some 1.5 million years.

  • Video: IKEA Bot gets a touch-sensitive makeover

    The new Force Sensor Robust Compliance Control software will enable other touch-sensitive tasks such as assembly, polishing, sanding and fine manipulation, which had previously been carried out by humans.

  • Team takes AI-based approach to 'listen" for signs of machine failure

    This acoustic anomaly detection approach could help manufacturers avoid unnecessary equipment replacement, reduce maintenance costs, improve work safety and increase equipment availability

  • Video: Australian site selected for national radwaste facility

    A site in South Australia has been selected for construction of a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

  • New flow battery tech for large-scale renewable energy storage

    Technology developed by Honeywell works with renewable generation sources to meet the demand for sustainable energy storage.

  • First US cable plant to supply the offshore wind sector

    High-voltage subsea cables up to 525 kV DC and 400 kV AC, covering the range of needed products for export cables for offshore wind and subsea interconnectors, will be manufactured.

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