• Environmental control unit for private aerospace developer: Promoting operational reusability

    The system would need to keep critical and sensitive equipment safe during ground transportation from the rocket assembly facility to the launch pad.

  • Polymer grabs dyes from wastewater

    The removal of dyes contaminating pharmaceutical, textile and other industrial wastewaters is facilitated with a synthetic polymer developed at North Carolina State University.

  • Hydrogen knowledge platform launches in Australia

    The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre was designed to foster collaboration between the growing Australian hydrogen industry, government and research ecosystems.

  • Vidir introduces new VLM

    Vidir Solutions introduces new industry standards such as servo motors and chain drives.

  • Snake-like robots to one day reach currently hard-to-reach destinations

    The long, limbless robots, which are expected to be a few millimeters in diameter, are called continuum robots and are designed to access hard to reach places.

  • Robotics firm introduces its new robotic welding system

    The new “FastARC” welding cobot features a Fanuc CRX-10iA/L 6-axis robot mounted on a mobile platform.

  • New coating promises to kill bacteria faster

    Capable of killing bacteria in greater quantities than current formulations, the new copper coating also features tiny bumps that rupture bacterial walls and zinc, an antibacterial.

  • Industrial waste materials being eyed for construction materials

    According to the chemists, the new type of polymer brick is composed of waste cooking oil mixed with petroleum refining byproducts sulfur and dicyclopentadiene (DCPD).

  • Hydrocarbon-free fluids to support next-gen drilling

    The team designed hydrocarbon-free reformulated fluids to support next generation drilling technology, such as new coiled tubing drilling technology, which demands higher volumes of specialized fluids than those used in conventional drilling.

  • Team develops safer anti-cavity, teeth whitening coating

    The new hydrogel coating is the combination of bismuth oxychloride nanoparticles, copper oxide nanoparticles and sodium alginate, which is activated by safer green light.

  • A greener battery chemistry for EVs

    This battery technology could reduce the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle (EV) battery by up to 39%.

  • How food producers can warm up to geothermal energy

    Harnessing this form of renewable energy to heat greenhouses and process products can provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel consumption in the agri-food value chain.

  • Old CDs find new life as biosensors

    The inexpensive process for transforming old CDs into flexible biosensors involves separating a gold CD's thin metallic layer from rigid plastic and transforming it into sensors.

  • Video: Fuel-flexible generators fired with ammonia and hydrogen

    The system is designed to dynamically switch between natural gas and renewable fuels like biogas and hydrogen, delivering both high efficiency and low emissions.

  • Cosen Saws leading edge sawing solutions on display at IMTS 2022

    A variety of band saws for every application will be showcased at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2022.

  • ITT expands compact actuation portfolio with acquisition of Clippard cylinder product line

    The transaction strengthens ITT's pneumatic cylinder portfolio in fast-growing robotics, packaging and automation end markets.

  • The largest PV power plant in Europe

    The 590 MW Francisco Pizarro solar farm in the region of Extremadura, western Spain, is capable of powering over 334,000 households.

  • Electromechanical robots that are faster than cheetahs

    The steerable robots, which are controlled using a magnetic field and powered using a battery pack or tether, were constructed using soft, tiny electromagnetic actuators featuring embedded liquid metal coils.

  • EV charging app channels renewable energy sources

    Electric vehicle (EV) owners can charge from specific power plants and match their charging session with close to real-time production from renewables.

  • Video: Record efficiency for nuclear-based hydrogen production

    Efficient high-temperature electrolysis paves the way for large-scale hydrogen production in the nuclear industry.

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