• Horiba and Covalent expand access to chemical analysis instruments

    The companies will create a demo lab for R&D to accelerate use of the scientific instruments.

  • Spinoff offers multinationals greater supply chain visibility

    MIT spinoff offers supply chain visibility.

  • NexTier and Silixa launch IntelliStimSM frac optimization system

    The system expands NexTier’s strategy of improving wellsite performance while decreasing the ultimate cost per barrel to oilfield operators through integrated wellsite operations.

  • OleumTech adds new magnetic flow meter to its H series instrumentation line

    OleumTech recently launched another addition to its electromagnetic flow meter H series hardwired process instrumentation line.

  • Learn how Qualcomm is using 5G to create a greener economy

    By taking advantage of 5G's wireless technology, companies are able to get creative with how they up their sustainability game.

  • Freshwater Stewardship Certification promotes sustainability in oil and gas

    Freshwater acquisition and management are critical to the well completion process.

  • Durabook provides rugged, protected mobile computer solutions for oil and gas field workers

    Durabook has a range of computers that are up to the demanding task of providing applications to withstand the harshest environments.

  • High-performance laser distance sensor for industrial applications

    The high-performance optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensor is used whenever large measuring ranges and high accuracy are required. It can be installed at distances up to 100 m.

  • GTherm announces NetZero low-cost energy solution for crypto data centers

    The amount of electricity needed for the mining of cryptocurrency has sparked creative low-cost energy solutions for computers and other machinery.

  • Anti-jamming, anti-spoofing military GPS introduced by BAE Systems

    BAE Systems has unveiled its MicroGRAM-M GPS receiver compatible with M-Code signals that are resistant to jamming and spoofing.

  • Lee Precision Orifice demonstration | consistent and accurate fluid control

  • Laser tech could enable law enforcement, military to look through "peepholes"

    Technology promises to enable law enforcement, military to peer through so-called peepholes to view what is behind closed doors.

  • An offshore wind turbine of mammoth size

    The 16 MW, 264 m-tall turbine is capable of powering 20,000 homes over a 25-year service life.

  • HID Global introduces the world's first Calypso-certified SDK for mobile ticketing

    The certification specifies how to protect ticket data stored in the mobile device’s wallet, helping transport operators effectively fight fraud.

  • The impact of adhesives on energy efficiency

    In residential and commercial construction, the building envelope is responsible for 30% of a structure’s energy consumption.

  • Military veterans could fill labor shortage in semiconductor manufacturing

    The shortage of skilled workers is among the greatest challenges faced by semiconductor manufacturers.

  • US military 3D prints new barracks

    The 3D-printed barracks will reportedly be the first to house soldiers.

  • How prime-assisted systems address the operational challenges unique to industrial facilities

    The context of today’s industrial plant and facility operations dictates promoting worker safety, improving operational efficiency and reliability, and incorporating green practices — all of which translates to reducing costs.

  • Video: Compete in the inaugural AIPH World Green City Awards

    The event seeks to recognize public initiatives relying on a greater use of plants and nature to improve city environments.

  • Scientists develop degradable coatings for paper food packaging

    The new Dow-developed degradable coatings for compostable paper food packaging block grease and oil seepage.

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