• Hydrogen-powered train sets distance record without refueling

    The passenger train traveled for two days for a distance of 1,741.7 miles (2,803 km) without refueling.

  • How to bring structured illumination to a standard microscope

    Convert a conventional optical microscope into a high-resolution structured illumination microscopy instrument by following these open-source guidelines.

  • Stepper motors and their applications

    The precise control and placement made possible by stepper motors is attributed to their discrete steps, as opposed to the continuous spinning of conventional DC motors.

  • NORD offers optimum conveyor functionality with NORDAC ON/ON+ VFDs

    These variable frequency drives (VFDs) deliver intelligent control of conveyor systems with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface to improve efficiency, reduce system variants and optimize performance.

  • Materials solutions in EV batteries

    Current trends and projections for the EV market are addressed as are material science design challenges for EVs, focusing on batteries.

  • Wax coating to protect produce from bacteria, fungi

    To protect various fruits and vegetables during different stages of produce handling and post-harvest treatments, researchers combined a food grade wax with nano-encapsulated cinnamon-bark essential oil in protein carriers to imbue the produce with antibacterial properties.

  • Students create design for concealing combat vehicles

    Students participating in the UF Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering’s capstone course set out to develop faster and safer methods for camouflaging combat vehicles.

  • Engineering EV batteries for the 2030s

    Although lithium-ion batteries currently dominate the EV traction battery market, manufacturers are under pressure to come up with new chemistries, technologies and manufacturing processes to support an even more rapid uptake of battery electric vehicles.

  • Cool paint can take the urban heat

    A field study was conducted in the tropical environment of Singapore to gauge the urban heat reduction efficacy of cool paint coatings.

  • System simplifies battery-in-device recycling

    The system shreds battery-containing devices and sorts materials into three fractions based on their density.

  • How to source materials more responsibly

    First step is to identify how these metals, polymers, rubber and composites are sourced and refined.

  • Software for motor drive development supports faster time to market

    The updates add new features that automatically capture motor parameters and simplify optimizing settings.

  • Comau’s digital technologies to improve battery cell production reaching up to zero defects for the BATTwin Project

    Comau expands its commitment to large-scale and cost-effective battery manufacturing solutions by joining this European Union project.

  • Material solutions for ADAS

    Functional materials specified for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) include gaskets, thermal interface materials and films for light management and lens protection.

  • Study: Far-UVC light eliminates airborne virus in an occupied room

    Unlike conventional germicidal UVC light — which kills viruses and bacteria but can only typically be used in unoccupied rooms because direct exposure to it can potentially harm skin and eyes — far-UVC light can be used in occupied spaces.

  • New device promises to detect, monitor blood loss

    The team is developing a mobile device capable of detecting blood pressure waveforms, which correspond with the volume within the blood vessels, and can thus be used to determine if blood volume is falling as a result of hemorrhaging.

  • Cyborg cockroach swarms promise to help in rescue missions

    According to the researchers, the so-called cyborg insects used in conjunction with the control algorithm might enable multi-robot swarms to conduct search and rescue missions.

  • Preventing thermal runaway at every level of EV battery assembly

    Discover how Boyd creates robust thermal runaway protection solutions for multiple battery types, including pouch cell, cylindrical cell and prismatic cell batteries.

  • Company creates polish (grinding) method for processing internal gears for mass-production

    The company has achieved positive results to secure the level of accuracy and production that conventional grinding, honing or skiving methods could not.

  • New app detects authenticity of printed documents

    The organization issuing a document will provide it with a QR code. Then, the original will be saved in encrypted form on a server while a printed copy will be sent to the recipient.

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