• Video: SABIC, Microsoft collaborate to create Microsoft’s first product made with recycled ocean plastic

    The exterior shell of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse contains 20% recycled ocean plastic.

  • An offshore wind turbine of mammoth size

    The 16 MW, 264 m-tall turbine is capable of powering 20,000 homes over a 25-year service life.

  • Watch how a swappable battery system propels inland vessel

    Exchangeable battery containers provide propulsion without air pollutant emissions.

  • Video: The debut of a recyclable offshore wind turbine blade

    Siemens Gamesa has produced its first six fully recyclable offshore wind turbine blades at its factory in Aalborg, Denmark.

  • Energy converter doubles the power extracted from ocean waves

    The dual turbine wheel wave energy converter is twice as efficient at harvesting power as similar technologies developed to date.

  • Video: Novel design to make floating wind competitive

    The way wind farms are constructed, look and perform is reinvented with floating multi-turbine technology developed by Norwegian company Wind Catching Systems.

  • A role for nuclear-based clean fuels in decarbonizing marine transport

    Use of existing nuclear infrastructure to produce hydrogen and other zero-carbon fuels for the maritime industry is advocated.

  • Video: Marine bio-fouling eliminated by electrically charged coating

    Coating could save billions in bio-fouling costs.

  • Video: Robot will soon be capable of 3D printing subsea pipeline repairs in situ

    3D printing capabilities to be incorporated into self-propelled robotic pipeline inspection and repair system.

  • Fiber optic reel system supports deep sea exploration

    Fiber optics technology merges with a fishing line reel system to form the smallest, most compact deep-sea system available that can provide a livestream video feed.

  • Company debuts new AI-powered mooring line monitoring tool

    System automatically monitors mooring lines for defects, faults.

  • Coating engineered to keep hulls free of biofouling

    Coating is non toxic and patent pending.

  • Floating wind power platform earns DNV verification

    Floating mobile offshore wind units promise to cut emissions from offshore oil and gas operations by as much as 70%.

  • A buoyancy-based storage solution for renewable energy

    The feasibility and merits of buoyancy energy storage in the deep ocean are considered.

  • Hybrid drive system designed for sustainable marine mobility

    Conventional marine engines and electric motors combine with batteries and onboard units to create customized hybrid drives.

  • Video: Methanol to fuel sustainable shipping initiative

    The world’s first methatug — a tugboat powered by renewable methanol — is expected to be operational by early 2022.

  • Impeller vs. propeller: What's the difference?

    Impellers and propellers have a similar sounding name and both move fluid, but serve fundamentally different purposes, even when used in the same applications.

  • Watch: Autonomous Mayflower sets sail

    While the Mayflower of yore transported 102 passengers and a crew of about 30, the autonomous version is unmanned.

  • Video: World speed record chased by electric outboard powertrain system

    The world’s most powerful electric outboard could soon become the world's fastest.

  • Watch: Wing sail design unfurled for maritime use

    The automated, telescopic and inflatable wing sail system is expected to help operators reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

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