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  • Line of kamikaze attack-capable unmanned sea drones introduced by AEVEX

    The light sea drone can carry out a variety of operations, such as carrying cargo, delivering personnel infiltration/exfiltration, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance and kamikaze missions.

  • Vanzetti Engineering joins Posidonia 2024, the international shipping fair

    The company will present its state-of-the-art cryogenic pumps for LNG at the trade fair in Athens, Greece.

  • Storm-resistant OTEC system tested for tropical islands

    Engineered to enhance tropical storm survivability, the structure is also configured to be disconnected under extreme weather conditions and moved to a safe harbor.

  • New coating promises to disinfect underwater surfaces

    The UMass Amherst team created biofilm-resistant glass using UVC radiation — which is reportedly the shortest and most effective and disinfecting wavelength of UV radiation.

  • Onset launches its new multiparameter water quality Bluetooth data loggers

    HOBO MX800 loggers integrate with interchangeable sensors that measure water conductivity, temperature, depth and dissolved oxygen.

  • Video: Wave energy system weathers the storms

    The C4 wave energy device developed by CorPower Ocean survived four extreme storm events and demonstrated the ability to tune and detune according to varying sea states.

  • Look out below: The US east coast is steadily subsiding

    The rate of subsidence in some areas exceeds that of global sea level rise, approaching 5 mm/year.

  • BIRNS launches its new 225 Amp BIRNS Meridian line

    The custom engineered dry-mate connector series is open face rated to 6 km, and is appropriate for battery packs and thrusters for crewed and uncrewed subsea vehicles that require high amperage power transfer.

  • New AI tool identifies boulders ahead of offshore construction

    Ocean Geophysics developed their new AI-driven boulder identification tool, which uses a machine learning algorithm to automatically detect boulders as small as 25 cm in size.

  • Video: Tidal energy kite powers the Faroe Islands

    The tidal energy kite, rated at 1.2 MW, was successfully commissioned by tidal energy technology developer Minesto.

  • Svanehøj charts course for cleaner seas with high-pressure marine pump unit for LNG fuel

    The HPP Triplex Unit is engineered to meet stringent maritime standards, boasting leak-free performance and an extended service life.

  • Caltech's biohybrid robotic jellyfish to collect deep-sea data

    Enabling the biohybrid jellyfish to record information about ocean temperatures, salinity and oxygen levels — all of which are impacted by the Earth's climate — is that the jellyfish are outfitted with electronics.

  • Using fiber optic cables to signal tsunami events

    An emerging tsunami warning network makes use of the existing 1 million miles of fiber optic cables that traverse the ocean floor.

  • Yokogawa provides remote operation/monitoring system and video monitoring solution for Japan's largest wind farm

    The remote operation and monitoring system includes a video system for the monitoring of all the offshore and onshore wind power generating facilities at this wind farm.

  • Underwater robot promises to autonomously reduce biofouling on ships

    The researchers suggest that ScrubMarine promises to cut fuel costs, reduce maintenance needs and minimize environmental impact for ships, boats and submarines.

  • Navigating sustainability in the marine shipping industry

    Sustainability for marine vessels is about more than just energy efficiency. It also requires a hard analysis and on the vessel’s waste and its numerous effects on the environment, including marine ecosystems.

  • Video: Planning the world’s first ammonia-powered container ship

    The vessel will provide emissions-free service along the 818 km/508 mile maritime corridor between Norway and Germany.

  • Ireland's most notable engineers and innovations

    As St. Patrick’s Day nears, raise a glass – preferably of Guinness– to celebrate the engineers who have helped shape Ireland's infrastructure and harnessed its natural resources to drive global progress.

  • World’s longest subsea cable now switched on

    Commercial operations have been initiated for the world’s longest land and subsea interconnector, transmitting wind turbine-generated electricity from Denmark to the U.K.

  • A design to scale down floating wind energy costs

    A shallow draft prototype designed to reduce offshore wind energy system costs is now being tested off the Massachusetts coast.

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