• Underwater robot navigates busy New York harbor

    An underwater mapping robot developed by New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology has completed a real-world trial in a busy New York harbor.

  • Sourcing critical materials from marine crusts

    Growing demand for new sources of germanium and gallium spurred researchers in Germany to explore deep sea mining as a supply solution.

  • Watch how offshore wind farms can shelter coral reefs

    Surplus indigenous coral spawn, collected as it washes ashore, will be used to colonize offshore wind turbines structures.

  • Tanker designed to transport hydrogen from Scotland to Germany

    The ship is expected to be ready and commissioned six months before the first delivery of hydrogen in 2027.

  • Video: Concept vessel to cruise with and deliver nuclear power

    Potential deployment of zero-emission, battery-operated cruise ships takes a step closer to reality with a nuclear reactor-propelled vessel designed as a mobile charging station.

  • Floating nuclear power plants are under development

    The floating nuclear facilities will be combined with hydrogen and ammonia production plants.

  • Video: Ocean Cleanup devises new tools to trap plastic debris

    The Netherlands-based company will test these systems in Jamaica as part of its quest to tackle plastic in the 1,000 most polluting rivers within five years from rollout.

  • FPT Industrial presents new keel cooled C16 600 marine engine for commercial vessels

    The cooling system can efficiently dissipate an engine’s heat and cool it down without the need to circulate saltwater in the engine.

  • US supply chain road map for offshore wind energy

    Challenges and solutions to developing a nationally focused offshore wind energy supply chain required to meet a 30 GW target by 2030 are explored.

  • Video: Non-magnetic armoring wire for submarine power cables

    The heavily galvanized, austenitic stainless-steel wire is designed to protect three-phase submarine power cables serving offshore wind energy projects.

  • Video: Battery-equipped ships to transfer energy from offshore wind farms

    Marine battery storage vessels will be charged at sea from offshore wind farms for transport back to land.

  • Video: Buoy solution to charge idle vessels

    The world’s first full-scale offshore charging station for vessels at an offshore wind farm will be tested later in 2022.

  • How plastic debris helps invasive species hitchhike

    In addition to posing a pollution problem in marine environments worldwide, plastic debris is also an agent in transporting invasive species to new distributional ranges.

  • Robot mimics krill in underwater environments

    In the lab, researchers achieved the desired speed and kinematics with the RoboKrill and expect to eventually use the robot to explore marine environments.

  • Video: Slow-moving water and wind tapped by the Big Cajun

    The wind-marine hybrid system simultaneously extracts low-cost power from slow moving water and wind.

  • Video: The implications of ice for offshore wind turbines

    Data from indoor ice basin tests inform simulation models to quantify the ice loads on these structures.

  • Study maps sewage inputs to coastal ecosystems

    A global wastewater model and map identify inputs of nitrogen and pathogens across 130,000 watersheds worldwide.

  • Video: Subsea cable to bring Australian solar energy to Singapore

    The Australia-Asia PowerLink will harness Australia’s abundant solar energy resource for transmission to Singapore.

  • Video: Renewable energy storage on the seafloor

    The modular Ocean Battery pumped hydro system is engineered to be located on the seabed near offshore wind turbines or floating solar power plants to store the excess energy produced.

  • DOE funds wave energy R&D

    Selected projects will conduct open-water testing at the PacWave South test site off the Oregon coast.

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