• At Photonics West 2023: SABIC to highlight specialized thermoplastics to enable higher-bandwidth, lower-energy data centers

    New thermoplastic materials engineered for advanced optical components that support industry trends, such as the migration to co-packaged optics and single-mode fiber optic systems, will be showcased.

  • AR amplifiers have the frequency to meet your needs

    AR offers over 100 amplifiers ranging from 10 Hz–50 GHz.

  • Bus bars on glass for transparent conductive coatings

    Bus Bars in conjunction with transparent conductive coatings are used for e-connectivity systems such as ITO heater windows, EMI shielded displays, and incubators.

  • Video: AGILOX introduces new ODM robot

    The intelligent dolly mover travels autonomously and navigates freely on the production floor or in the warehouse.

  • FAULHABER drive calculator: A helpful tool for every developer

    The platform currently enables the calculation of seven drive types and two operating modes.

  • Shrinking the footprint of IR photodetectors

    A miniaturization process for infrared (IR) spectrometers based on a quantum dot photodetector can be integrated on a single chip.

  • Engineered electromagnetic surfaces (EES)

    Remcom’s Wireless InSite® supports the simulation of RF interactions with engineered electromagnetic surfaces.

  • Watch this robot climb walls, ceilings using magnetized feet

    Dubbed MARVEL, the quadruped robot can reportedly walk straight up walls and across ceilings thanks to its magnetized feet.

  • Practical monitoring of semi-automatic machines and equipment

    Solutions are needed to monitor equipment that is becoming more automated with the trend accelerated by labor shortages.

  • Space battery could last 400 years

    The UK Space Agency and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) will work together to develop the world's first Americium-241-powered space battery.

  • New technique for printing circuits on curved surfaces

    The new technique doesn’t require binding agents and can print on curvilinear surfaces.

  • New highly conformable and high heat conducting gel pads

    The thermal interface material is well-suited for environments with operating temperatures ranging from -40° C to 150° C.

  • Satellite signals inform water level sensor

    The sensor sports an antenna connected to a Raspberry Pi microcomputer and continuously receives GPS and Global Navigation Satellite System signals to measure river water levels.

  • Increase access point capacity with Wi-Fi 6 capable flexible cable assemblies

    The assembly is designed on a flexible cable type that offers good thermal resistance and is ideal for tight spaces.

  • Robots designed for unclogging pipelines

    The so-called Joey robot can traverse narrow underground pipes, relaying damages or obstructions to human operators above ground.

  • Micro-D gaskets designed for MIL-DTL 83513 connectors

    These gaskets eliminate any unwanted gaps between the connector and I/O surface points and offer a shielding effectiveness of 80 dB to115 dB.

  • Signal Hound announces 43.5 GHz spectrum analyzer

    According to the company, the affordability of the SM435B opens the door to industry professionals who were previously unable to attain this power in a compact and economic package.

  • First industrial wastewater reclamation plant for chip fabs

    The chip industry's first reclaimed water plant is now serving semiconductor manufacturing processes at the TSMC facility in southern Taiwan.

  • Video: Military-approved portable oil analysis lab now available

    After demonstrating benefits for the U.S. military, the battery-operated portable system is now available for use in commercial applications.

  • Automated toilet cleaning system to take on convenience stores

    The team tested the system, having it clean fake urine and garbage, and determined that it performed well, completing cleaning tasks in about 17 seconds and removing almost 98% of the fake urine.

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