• Horiba and Covalent expand access to chemical analysis instruments

    The companies will create a demo lab for R&D to accelerate use of the scientific instruments.

  • Anti-jamming, anti-spoofing military GPS introduced by BAE Systems

    BAE Systems has unveiled its MicroGRAM-M GPS receiver compatible with M-Code signals that are resistant to jamming and spoofing.

  • Laser tech could enable law enforcement, military to look through "peepholes"

    Technology promises to enable law enforcement, military to peer through so-called peepholes to view what is behind closed doors.

  • HID Global introduces the world's first Calypso-certified SDK for mobile ticketing

    The certification specifies how to protect ticket data stored in the mobile device’s wallet, helping transport operators effectively fight fraud.

  • Military veterans could fill labor shortage in semiconductor manufacturing

    The shortage of skilled workers is among the greatest challenges faced by semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Watch how crumpled material lets supercapacitors flex their power

    A flexible supercapacitor with electrodes made of wrinkled titanium carbide maintained its ability to store and release electronic charges after repetitive stretching.

  • Precision-adjustable current limit power switch protects automotive subsystems

    Key applications include protection of vehicle USB ports and electronic control unit supply rails.

  • Glasgow engineers create worm-like robots

    New robots can stretch nine times their length.

  • Team aims to expand human-robot collaborations in manufacturing

    AI is being trained to detect what humans will do next.

  • Antares introduces Auto-Key Mobile: Like having perfect pitch in your pocket

    The app was designed as a companion to the company's pioneering Auto-Key desktop software for detecting the key of any audio source.

  • How to use EP4EN-80 for potting and encapsulation applications

    Observe this epoxy's flowability and ease-of-use for bonding, encapsulating and potting applications.

  • Video: New robot pulls punches like the mantis shrimp

    Robot mimics the powerful punch of the mantis shrimp.

  • Tesla Bot could take on mundane, everyday tasks

    Elon Musk announced plans during the company's inaugural AI Day.

  • Robot squash coach offers tips and hints for improved game

    Robot offers private lessons to improve a player's squash game.

  • Personable robot dog developed by Xiaomi

    CyberDog follows its owner and identifies him or her in a crowd.

  • Solution automates a repetitive task in the manufacturing space

    Watch the Screwdriving Solution automate a dull task in the manufacturing space.

  • New X-ray imaging device offers improved views on homemade and unexploded bombs

    The Guardian 12 replaces three commercial off-the-shelf systems.

  • Watch GE demonstrate its tunneling earthworm-inspired robot

    DARPA-funded robot creates 10 cm diameter tunnels autonomously.

  • Possibly the smallest 5G FPC antenna on the market

    Measuring just 88 mm x 14 mm, the flexible unit can be placed internally in devices that require an integrated antenna solution.

  • Robot promises to take the risk out of high-rise window washing

    Window-washing robot takes the risk out of building exterior upkeep.

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