• Software tool sheds light on warp drive design

    This publicly accessible toolkit supports theoretical testing and advancement of realistic warp drive technologies that propel craft at faster-than-light speeds.

  • Expanding your insights: Selecting your next digital microscope

    Discover how comprehensive features, advantages and support options of advanced models like the DSX1000 digital microscope can revolutionize scientific and industrial research.

  • Team develops a hybrid hopping, flying robot

    The researchers explain that the Hopcopter could potentially be used to monitor wildlife, disaster areas, or serve as a farm monitor.

  • Biogas moisture, corrosion and accuracy issues resolved with rugged FCI Thermal ST100A wet gas flow meter

    The meter is ideal where biogas is present in wastewater treatment digesters, landfill operations, oil/gas and petrochemical refinery stacks, and for power plant rain shielding.

  • Precision measurement in harsh conditions

    Sensors that are rugged and durable in harsh environments are the sole solution to surpass other existing options in the market that may not be suited for the toughest applications.

  • VMI introduces new high voltage 20 kV optocouplers — Built for reliability

    These optocouplers can be used in a push-pull configuration for driving strictly capacitive loads or very high resistive impedance loads.

  • 11 important application specifications to review for effective machine vision

    This list reviews 11 specifications and the variables to watch out for when building a complete vision system.

  • Integrating reactors and storage vessels into smart manufacturing

    Smarter chemical reactor, bioreactor and storage tank monitoring can be realized with the appropriate sensors and data acquisition systems.

  • The universal drives compatible with countless motion control applications

    This universal drive offers a variety of control methods, including velocity, torque or position control using built-in I/O signals or by sending commands over CAN bus communications.

  • AchieVe fiber optic Ethernet patch cables from AutomationDirect

    These cables contain optical fibers that transmit data signals as light, offering much higher transmission speeds than copper cables, and are naturally immune to electromagnetic interference.

  • 7 tips for implementing sensors in processing facilities

    The tips offered for manufacturing and factory operations can ensure that data being transmitted and collected is accurate and timely,

  • Increasing connectivity opens the door to cyberattacks. Smart manufacturing helps you mitigate the risk

    Find and prioritize specific digital use cases that solve manufacturing and operational issues — like cybersecurity.

  • Connecting workers to the IIoT

    Consider the benefits and challenges of connecting employees to the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

  • A way to get gold from e-waste with whey

    A low-density aerogel derived from whey protein, a byproduct of the cheesemaking industry, has been developed to selectively adsorb gold from the remains of discarded electronics.

  • MSI Viking announces partnership with QC Training Services

    The partnership will expand coverage of quality topics in metrology insights and training opportunities.

  • The advantages of a well-made electrical enclosure

    Overheating and moisture can shorten the life expectancy of the equipment in need of protection, resulting in major system failures and the possibility of electrical shock to users.

  • National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day: 6 tips to speed up your computer

    While multiple factors impact computer speed and responsiveness, today focuses on one that might be overlooked: the number of files and programs saved on the desktop.

  • Video: How a smart shop provides 'instant on' productivity

    Autodesk has built a machine network to connect all the tools on a shop floor together.

  • BIXOLON’s showcase at PACK EXPO East 2024

    Desktop, industrial and mobile label printing solutions will be on display.

  • OKW’s HAND-TERMINAL plastic enclosures now in two versions

    Now available in a choice of a closed or open top, these sealed plastic enclosures (IP 65 optional) are designed specifically for heavy-duty handheld devices.

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