• Power relays for EV charging

    The latching DC relays are designed for communications power supplies and battery charging stations.

  • Precision-adjustable current limit power switch protects automotive subsystems

    Key applications include protection of vehicle USB ports and electronic control unit supply rails.

  • Dymax creates low-shrinkage epoxy for camera module assembly

    The adhesive has the unique flexibility to cure in seconds with LED, UV or visible light and low-temperature heat

  • Automotive cybersecurity standard jointly issued by SAE and ISO

    The standard helps the industry define a structured process to ensure cybersecurity is incorporated into the design of road vehicles.

  • Video: Recycling process targets EV motors

    The process efficiently recovers high-purity rare-earth compounds from EV motor magnets.

  • Final brakes put on leaded gasoline sales worldwide

    Algeria has stopped selling leaded gasoline, making it the last country to stop marketing it and marking the end of its use as an automotive fuel.

  • Toyota to assemble fuel cell modules at Kentucky plant in 2023

    The fuel cell modules bring Toyota's electrification strategy further into focus.

  • How to recycle a car

    Learn how steel from scrap automobiles is processed, crushed, shredded, melted and repurposed.

  • Watch: Titanium 'halo' saves more lives in huge race crash

    As evident in the video, disaster was almost certainly averted by the halo innovation.

  • Update: SAE International recommended practice for electric and hybrid electric vehicle safe battery testing

    Recommendations cover abuse testing of vehicle rechargeable energy storage systems.

  • Ram trucks recalled for faulty airbags

    This is the second major recall of pickup trucks in the past two months for the same problem.

  • Lithium-ion battery modules for electric transport applications

    The modules are designed to support up to 800 A in continuous current and voltages up to 1,200 V.

  • Watch these robots test drive a Ford

    Miles and Shelby keep human drivers safe from extreme conditions.

  • Watch robots dismantle EV batteries

    The system enhances the efficiency and safety of electric vehicle (EV) battery disassembly for resource recovery.

  • AI-based pothole detection system developed by KICT researchers

    AI pothole detection promises to improve road surface management.

  • The DC energy meter: A key part of the DC fast charging infrastructure

    Accurate measurement of power and secure billing of consumers are two key elements in any charging operation.

  • The best biomass blendstocks to curb diesel engine emissions

    These 13 diesel fuel blendstocks from biomass resources could reduce harmful emissions from medium- to heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

  • Watch: Former Ford engineer details complicated fastener practice

    Ironically, he shared a quote from a training book that came from Ford itself: "If you want poor quality, add more screws."

  • Commercial V2G service launches for EV fleets in the UK

    The technology allows for two-way energy flow by recharging an EV battery when electricity is at its cheapest and discharging excess energy to sell back into the grid.

  • Shock absorber designed for reuse after impact

    Composed of low-cost metallic materials, the energy dissipation device features both high stiffness and high damping characteristics.

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