• Battery-powered truck refrigeration delivers just desserts

    The system proved sweetly successful, transporting ice cream by truck during a nine-month trial and resulting in reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • From vision to reality: FPT Industrial reveals its energy transition strategy at IAA Transportation 2022

    The company showcased its multi-energy approach toward sustainable on-road propulsion at the world’s leading trade show for the transportation industry.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell designed to compete with diesel

    Designed for medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the power system is predicted to achieve fuel cost parity with diesel by up to eight years earlier than previously possible.

  • Two roads, one direction. FPT Industrial’s journey to net zero carbon at IAA Transportation 2022

    The company will showcase its multi-energy approach to sustainable on-road propulsion at the transportation industry trade show.

  • Industrial wastewater transforms into profitable byproduct

    The technique converts hazardous wastewater into potable water while retrieving valuable acids.

  • The first natural gas truck in India rolls off the production line, powered by FPT Industrial

    India’s first manufacturing facility for the production of liquified natural gas-fueled trucks is now operational.

  • UK manufacturers leading the charge at Battery Show North America EV tech expo

    An alliance of the U.K.’s leading automotive businesses will showcase the latest electric vehicle (EV) battery innovations to accelerate the global transition toward electrification.

  • FPT Industrial-style sustainability returns for the Grape Harvest Festival at Fontanafredda

    The event at the historic Italian winery featured grapes harvested with biofuel-powered tractors.

  • MacDermid Alpha Electronics highlights the value of silver sintering at battery show

    The company will highlight the role of specialist materials in shaping the future of electric mobility.

  • New AC system for hybrid and battery-electric buses

    The energy-efficient electric air-conditioning system delivers perfect temperatures in every type of large and mid-size bus.

  • Mobile robots in auto manufacturing need to analyze their environment – here’s how

    In automobile manufacturing, mobile robots deliver parts and components to certain areas in the plant or transport chassis, engines and transmissions along assembly lines.

  • Video: Machine learning speeds EV battery charging

    Fast charging protocols can be tailored to power different batteries in 10 minutes or less without degrading unit lifetime.

  • How this new Renault EV keeps its cool

    The new Renault Megane E-Tech electric vehicle (EV) is engineered with a new oil cooling system for the wound rotor synchronous motor.

  • Smith Systems Inc. offers superior sensor performance without today’s manufacturing hassles

    The transportation industry requires precision sensors that can be used in tight control loops to accurately adjust throttle and braking controls.

  • On the road to wireless charging

    Wireless charging roads equipped with energy storage systems are promising electric vehicle solutions.

  • A greener battery chemistry for EVs

    This battery technology could reduce the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle (EV) battery by up to 39%.

  • EV charging app channels renewable energy sources

    Electric vehicle (EV) owners can charge from specific power plants and match their charging session with close to real-time production from renewables.

  • Temperature management in automotive bus bar systems

    On both the outbound (driving) and inbound (charging) conditions, bus bar systems must be designed and built to deal with a large amount of current, and the heat it generates.

  • Refrigerated trailers to chill with solar power

    Integrated solar panels will power refrigeration systems, cut petroleum-based fuel use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

  • EV battery enclosure thermal runaway evaluation method

    The test method supports performance assessment of various materials to enhance electric vehicle (EV) battery safety.

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