• Henkel launches new adhesive for high performance ADAS sensor assembly

    The dual cure adhesive provides a very high cure depth after only a few seconds of exposure to ultraviolet light.

  • Dakar 2023: Victory and a great team performance for IVECO trucks powered by FPT Industrial

    The FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engine played a crucial role in helping IVECO Powerstar truck teams win top spots in the 2023 Dakar Rally.

  • EV batteries provide backup for the grid

    The first large-capacity Sweep Energy Storage System connected to the consumer electrical power grid uses batteries salvaged from electric vehicles (EVs).

  • The status of US electric vehicle charging corridors

    More than 75,000 miles of electric vehicle charging corridors are available.

  • First public wireless EV charging road in Germany

    The first public wireless road project in Germany will power a public electric bus.

  • Renesas unveils new automotive radar transceivers

    The new transceiver monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) is especially suited for imaging radar, long-range forward-looking radar and 4D radar.

  • Modeling standard to benefit battery engineering

    The initiative provides a common language to enable accurate battery modeling and reduce costs and time-to-market for industry.

  • Dakar 2023: FPT Industrial lines up for the world’s toughest rally

    FPT Industrial is taking part in the 45th edition of the Dakar Rally as co-sponsor and supplier of Cursor 13 engines, prepared for the IVECO Powerstar trucks of two new teams.

  • The FPT Industrial N67 natural gas engine powers the world’s first LNG prototype tractor, designed by New Holland Agriculture

    The world’s first LNG tractor is powered by FPT Industrial’s N67 natural gas engine.

  • Watch the world’s fastest EV

    A new electric vehicle (EV) speed record of 258 mph (412 km/h) was recently achieved at the Automotive Testing Papenburg track in Germany.

  • Tesa tape launches first-of-their-kind wire harness sleeves in the industry

    The sleeves eliminate the need for multiple wire protection solutions.

  • Theories, calculations of internal combustion engines

    Internal combustion engines have advanced over the years, as there now exist several IC engines with different designs, higher capability, and efficiency. However, these engines follow the same fundamental theories and calculations as the very first combustion engine.

  • Check out Koenigsegg's tiny 335 hp electric motor

    The Swedish supercar manufacturer continues to be a leading innovator in performance-focused electric motors.

  • Highly efficient magnet-free electric motor

    Will magnet-free motors revolutionize the EV industry?

  • Automating air leak detection on trains

    To enable the system to autonomously detect air leaks, the SwRI team trained machine learning algorithms to distinguish air leaks from non-leak data as obtained from the sensor outputs.

  • 4 top design challenges in thermal management systems

    Thermal management may be one of the most important design factors in electric vehicle systems.

  • Lightweight tracking antenna system enables extended mission range for remotely piloted aircraft systems

    The communications link is a crucial determinant of mission capability in unmanned aircraft systems.

  • Diesel engines modified to accept hydrogen

    The hydrogen-diesel direct injection dual-fuel system enables existing diesel engines to operate using 90% hydrogen as fuel.

  • A better conveyor

    OCC Systems is making automotive assembly lines safer, more energy-efficient, easier to maintain and less expensive to operate.

  • Video: Streamlining automotive acoustics design

    The powerful tool lets automotive design engineers test, tweak and validate sound designs for an optimized experience.

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