• Hydrogen-powered train sets distance record without refueling

    The passenger train traveled for two days for a distance of 1,741.7 miles (2,803 km) without refueling.

  • Materials solutions in EV batteries

    Current trends and projections for the EV market are addressed as are material science design challenges for EVs, focusing on batteries.

  • Engineering EV batteries for the 2030s

    Although lithium-ion batteries currently dominate the EV traction battery market, manufacturers are under pressure to come up with new chemistries, technologies and manufacturing processes to support an even more rapid uptake of battery electric vehicles.

  • Software for motor drive development supports faster time to market

    The updates add new features that automatically capture motor parameters and simplify optimizing settings.

  • Comau’s digital technologies to improve battery cell production reaching up to zero defects for the BATTwin Project

    Comau expands its commitment to large-scale and cost-effective battery manufacturing solutions by joining this European Union project.

  • Material solutions for ADAS

    Functional materials specified for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) include gaskets, thermal interface materials and films for light management and lens protection.

  • Preventing thermal runaway at every level of EV battery assembly

    Discover how Boyd creates robust thermal runaway protection solutions for multiple battery types, including pouch cell, cylindrical cell and prismatic cell batteries.

  • E-Mobility Meets the Road, by Boyd (April 21-26)

    Internal combustion engine-only vehicles have clear expiration dates. That means that industries of all types - from power utilities, to electronics, materials, and more - must be thoughtful and proactive in their development and commercialization to fully support the move to low-emissions transportation.

  • New technology leverages OCPI standard to democratize EV roaming hubs

    The electric vehicle (EV) roaming hub product connects EV charging providers to each other through only a single connection point.

  • New automotive air purifier eliminates up to 90% of airborne pollen inside vehicles

    The GoPure GP5212 filters out airborne allergens including pollen and mold that can pass through the cabin filters typically found in vehicles.

  • New tech uses AI to avoid collisions with wild animals

    A team of researchers is building a computer vision model that automatically detects wild animals on Brazilian roadways.

  • Take a flying ferry to work

    An electric hydrofoil ferry will provide daily transport to the Manapouri Power Station across Lake Manapouri in New Zealand.

  • FPT Industrial sets new record with the production of its 200,000th engine in Cordoba

    Achieving this historic milestone is the Cursor 13 engine, equipped with a 2,200 bar Common Rail high-pressure injection system.

  • Manganese hydride material magnifies hydrogen storage

    A new material allows hydrogen to be stored four times more efficiently than available technology at a fraction of current costs.

  • Tolerance rings: eliminating tight assembly tolerances

    Tolerance rings are precision mechanical fastening components manufactured out of spring/carbon steel and alloys or stainless strip. They are used to join mating cylindrical components, such as bearings, gears, sprockets and pulleys, and offer an alternative to precise machining tolerances.

  • THK linear motion solutions offered worldwide

    THK's ideas and technology made the company pioneers in the development of the LM Guides.

  • Gauge carbon footprint in automotive paint shops

    A new tool delivers a comprehensive life cycle analysis of ecological footprint of paint shops.

  • Charging solution for electrified mines

    Charging solutions for high-performance commercial vehicles and mobile machinery will be key players in powering a shift toward sustainable mining practices.

  • Steering toward reduced vehicle emissions via electrification

    A new electrification strategy strengthens nitrogen oxides emission control at low temperatures in diesel-powered vehicles.

  • New EV Level 2 charging cables

    These cables deliver faster charging than Level 1 and offer an economical alternative to DC fast chargers.

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