It’s true! You can buy just about anything off of the internet, and Amazon is doubling down with its latest offering.

Considering that consumers can order and have delivered just about any product imaginable, it should come as no surprise that the online retail giant will soon be throwing its hat into the Christmas tree ring as it prepares to offer customers the option of purchasing live, full-sized Christmas trees online, sight unseen.

Trees such as Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines will be sent to customers within days of being chopped down, all in Amazon’s trademark boxes. Amazon expects that the full-size trees will survive their journeys despite being shipped without water.

Although the company sold trees shorter than 3 feet to online customers last year, this will be Amazon’s first foray into offering full-sized ones. The cost of such a purchase could run over $100 for a 7 foot Fraser fir, for example.

Despite claims that choosing and hauling a Christmas tree home is all part of the enjoyment of the season, it will be interesting to see if customers will opt for convenience over tradition, further cementing the retail giant’s hold on the holidays.

Stay tuned.

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