A software provider and systems integrator partnered with Ludin Norway to create an app that provides real-time critical data to offshore oil and gas workers who suit up with wearable devices. With instant access to operational data, workers gain insight into real-time performance data, maintenance history, part inventory, equipment parameters and supporting documentation.

Eigen developed the app based off of their Ingenuity platform. It is developed and configured to run on Android and will be available on the App Store in the near future. The technology is slated to go into full production in June 2018, with initial trials scheduled to take place along the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Murray Callander, CEO of Eigen, stated, “This new technology solution enables digital working offshore, making critical information available in real-time to those who need to use it. The technology is a prime example of our approach of rapid evolution of operational capability enabled with Industry 4.0 technologies.”

The technology is part of a larger movement toward the industrial internet of things (IIoT) in the oil and gas sector. As producers move toward a connected workplace, the presence of wireless communications and wearable devices are becoming increasingly more common and, with real-time access to operational information, Eigen’s App is sure to support this movement.