Sometimes even the most seasoned traveler needs a little help in planning vacation logistics. There are over Travel poster for Kepler-186f. Source: NASATravel poster for Kepler-186f. Source: NASA3,700 planets in our galaxy. Why limit expeditions to just Earth?

You may want to take advantage of the new Exoplanet Exploration service offered by NASA. The website enables investigation of extraterrestrial worlds, including Kepler-70b, the hottest planet on record, or TRAPPIST-1d, and yes, even Earth, via 360-degree, interactive visualizations.

The latest addition to this travel visualization service is Kepler-186f. This Earth-sized planet orbits a star that is cooler and redder than our sun and may or may not have an atmosphere. One benefit of the NASA tool is that the user can see how the presence or absence of an atmosphere could change the view from the planet’s surface.

Many of the exoplanets featured on the website were discovered by NASA's Kepler space telescope. All the 360-degree visualizations are viewable on desktop and mobile devices, or in virtual reality headsets that work with smartphones.

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