A clinical-stage gene therapy is presented targeting lung cancer patients that do not meet specific genomic profiles required for existing targeted molecular cancer therapies.

Survival rates for late-stage lung cancer remain stagnant over the past 25 years. These new advances in immunogene therapy look to address that demographic by presenting alternative or complementary treatments to a larger pool of the existing lung cancer patient population.

Oncoprex Immunogene Therapy from Genprex is an intravascular administered tumor suppressor gene. The cancer-fighting genes are encapsulated by positively charged nanoscale hollow spheres, referred to as nanovesicles. These charged spheres target tumor cells that generally exhibit a negative charge.

Tumor cells receiving these genes express proteins capable of restoring defective cell functions. The gene also interrupts replication and proliferation of cancer cells.

Preclinical and clinical data suggest that administration of Oncoprex alone or in combination with other drugs would not only overcome therapeutic resistance to other treatments but also provides benefits to a large population.