Prospects appear promising for fostering the tissue regeneration process essential for healing deep wounds. Source: Kaunas University of TechnologySource: Kaunas University of TechnologySponge-type dressings based on hyaluronic acid are under development for this purpose at Lithuania’s Kaunas University of Technology. This well-researched polymer stimulates tissue regeneration and has been used in ophthalmology, bone regeneration and for other medical applications.

The sponge-like material has a net structure, which is essential in developing wound dressings for tissue regeneration, and is produced from alginate or collagen. A freeze-drying technique imparts this structure, which serves as a platform supporting cell growth within a wound. The active compounds have antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or tissue regeneration stimulating qualities.

The researchers have successfully assembled hyaluronic acid scaffolds that can be used for tissue regeneration. The prototype is being tested in vitro with different cells in a collaboration with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

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