Swedish energy giant Vattenfall has successfully installed an 8.8-megawatt-capacity offshore wind turbine from VestasSource: VattenfallSource: Vattenfall at the European Offshore Wind Deployment Center (EOWDC) off the coast of Scotland. This is the first of 11 turbines planned for the project and the first deployment of a model of that size for commercial use in the offshore wind industry.

The installation involves one of two turbines that have been modified with internal power modes to generate more clean energy from the EOWDC; the units have been upgraded from 8.4 megawatts (MW) to 8.8 MW.

The Vestas turbines have a tip height of 191 meters and 80-meter-long blades, and according to an EOWDC representative, “just one rotation of the blades can power the average UK home for a day.”

With an installed capacity of 93.2 MW, the entire facility is expected to produce 312 gigawatt-hours annually, enough to power nearly 80,000 homes and meet 23 percent of Aberdeen’s total electricity demand. It will also displace 134,128 metric tons of carbon dioxide.